‘Protect yourself’ Outlander’s Sam Heughan issues urgent warning to fans about scam

Outlander: Sam Heughan discusses playing Young Ian

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Outlander actor Sam Heughan, 42, has taken to social media to warn his fans about scammers pretending to be him. In view of his 3.8 million Instagram followers, Sam clarified he did not have messaging apps.

In a post shared to his Story, Sam urged fans to “protect” themselves to avoid becoming a victim of scammers.

He wrote: “Please be careful of scammers. Neither myself, nor my team will reach out.

“No agent/manager/friend/family member of publicity members.

“I am not on any messaging app: Google hangouts/telegram/Whatsapp etc.

“Protect yourself and each other. X.”

Sam recently reflected on the emotional scenes he shared in Outlander with John Bell, who plays Young Ian.

Season six of the show sees Young Ian reflect up on his time with the Mohawk and the heartbreaking losses he faced.

It was during a visit to the Cherokee with Jamie, the character played by Sam, that the young man spoke about his traumatic experience.

Speaking of the highly emotional scenes, Sam praised his co-star over his “fantastic” portrayal.

Sam said: “Those scenes with Young Ian where he reflects on his life with the Mohawk, I think are very touching.

“It’s such a strong, vivid tone and you know, Outlander always surprises.

“I think here in this episode we get to see Jamie and Ian really bond.

“Young Ian has been through some traumatic experiences.

“He came back from the Mohawk and there’s something different about him and it’s really affected him and change him as a human being and he reveals that to Jamie, and I think Jamie’s extremely touched by that.”

Young Ian revealed he and his wife lost two children, while Jamie confesses he too lost a child, Faith, who he never got to meet.

“We get given these gifts of scenes that are, you know, quite emotional and tender,” Sam continued.

“Obviously working with John Bell as Ian is fantastic.”

Meanwhile, John said of the episode: “Young Ian’s story that we get to finally see explored in episode four is one of pure joy and celebration and happiness, but also one of complete and utter devastating loss.

“When I got the script in for four, I was reading it and was actually in tears.

“Of course Young Ian is a part of me, you know what I mean, I feel for him so deeply so when I’m reading this it almost feels like it’s happening to me too.”

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