Ralf Little urges fans to ‘look after themselves’ after urgent warning of online scam

Ralf Little helps his rescue dog conquer her fear of the water

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Ralf Little, 41, sent out an urgent warning to his Twitter followers after he received a bunch of scarily real looking online scams that he didn’t want any of his fans to fall victim to. After scammers sent him three different text messages posing as DHL wanting to “reschedule a parcel”, he took to social media to warn and advise people to be wary.

Most of us can spot these a mile away but as always, tell your loved ones, especially the less tech savvy

Ralf Little

Posting on the social media site, he encouraged everyone to “look after themselves” and those who are less tech savvy so that they don’t fall for the fake messages.

“Sorry to keep posting similar tweets but, today alone, I’ve had different 3 texts saying a ‘dhl package’ has failed to be delivered and to ‘click on the link to rearrange,'” he penned.

“Obvs I haven’t ordered one (and am not even in the U.K.). Looks like these scams are ramping up.”(sic)

He followed it up with another example: “Also had an email saying I ‘won a Dyson vacuum from Curry’s/PC World’ (do they even sell them?) And of course to click the link’.

“Have reported. Most of us can spot these a mile away but as always, tell your loved ones, especially the less tech savvy. Look after yourselves.”

Following his warning, fans rushed to the comments section to thank him for raising awareness of the situation and to share their own experiences.

And it seems it’s become a major inconvenience for many across the nation.

One replied saying: “Had one today saying that my National Insurance number was used illegally and to click here for more details.”

“Oh join the b****y club! ‘Amazon’ don’t even have my landline number yet they ring three to four times a day!” another exclaimed.

A third admitted: “Yeah, foolishly clicked on one of those links to ‘download the DHL app’, realised straight away when the app didn’t appear, so downloaded antivirus, quick scan, malware found and deleted. Then downloaded a different antivirus and scanned again, just to be on the safe side!”

A fourth revealed: “Man, it’s shocking. I have my father in law contacting me frequently about these. I dread to think what may have happened If I didn’t force him to contact me on every one!”

“I must get at least three a day. DHL Royal Mail and fed ex [imposters]. Same as you – [have] not ordered anything. Complete scam,” a fifth complained.

Someone else joked that they try and play the scammers at their own game, saying: “I keep getting phone calls about my BT Internet… I go along with them some days, just to amuse myself. Until I say ‘we both know you’re lying and so am I’ – strangely the phone always goes dead.”

Elsewhere, the Death In Paradise star spoke out about his symptoms after having the coronavirus vaccine, admitting he felt “wiped out” for a day, but felt completely fine afterwards.

Sharing his experience, Ralf wrote: “Wiped out for 24 hours. Then it was gone, like nothing had happened.”

It comes after he replied to his pal and fellow actor Will Mellor on Instagram, who told fans he was feeling “absolutely horrendous” after the AstraZeneca jab.

He wanted to let fans know the possible side effects, but reassured them he is now feeling much better.

The NHS website states that the vaccine is safe, effective and gives the best protection against Covid-19.

Two doses of the jab are needed for longer lasting protection.

On side effects, they state: “So far, millions of people have been given a Covid-19 vaccine and reports of serious side effects, such as allergic reactions or clotting problems, have been very rare.”

They added symptoms after the jab could include feeling tired, a headache, feeling achy, feeling or being sick, however they add most of these are “mild and short term”.

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