Renee Paquette & AEW’s Jon Moxley Can’t Wait To Celebrate Baby’s ‘Little Milestones’

Right before welcoming her first child with husband Jon Moxley, the former Renee Young spoke EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife about her anticipations and excitement for motherhood.

Renee Paquette, 35, is ready to take on her next big endeavor — motherhood. The former WWE star announced the birth of her first child, a daughter, with husband Jon Moxley, 35, of the AEW, on June 15. But before she officially became a mom, Renee spoke EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife about what she’s most looking forward to as her baby girl grows up. “I just want to watch her change and morph into the two of us,” Renee said. “That is something I am really interested to see. What of my personality traits she picks up and what of Jon’s she picks up.”

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Renee, known as Renee Young during her wrestling career, married Jon in 2017. As new parents, the couple is excited to witness the “little milestones” of their daughter’s life. “I can’t wait to hear her little laugh,” said Renee. On the flip side, the pair is also prepared for the difficulties that come with parenthood. “We are just having our heads in the sand right now and we are just trying to prepare as much as we can before she gets here, but you kind of throw that out of the window, because I think she is going to throw out some curveballs,” Renee explained.

For Jon, becoming a father is bound to be a big change. But, according to Renee, its unlikely that having a daughter will alter Jon’s tough-guy persona too much. “He has always been great about keeping his professional and personal lives very separate,” Renee said. “So, I don’t think, unfortunately for me, that there will be a change to his style.”

Renee’s pregnancy journey was relatively smooth, but the former Total Divas star did say that she had one “very trivial” regret from the process. “I always thought that my maternity fashion was going to be better but I haven’t really left the house,” Renee said. “I mean is there really a reason to get dressed in a cute outfit when I am already kind of uncomfortable? So I pictured my maternity fashion to be slightly different.”

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In addition to her career in wrestling and television, Renee has found success with her cookbook, Messy In the Kitchen: My Guide to Eating. But much to her chagrin, Renee began craving the only thing not present in her cookbook while she was pregnant — desserts. “I have definitely developed a sweet tooth,” she admitted. “Desserts have never really been a thing for me. I am way more into savory food. All of that salty, crunchy, deliciousness. But now I have a sweet tooth and I really love dessert. So that is something that has changed and has lasted a while.”

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