Russell Brand’s close links to Donald Trump

Few may know the British comedian Russell Brand has links to the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, and his son Donald Trump Jr.

Brand streams live exclusively on Rumble, an alternative to YouTube, which is popular among far-right users and creators. The British comedian launched the exclusive daily live show, named Stay Free With Russell Brand, on the platform in September 2022.

Rumble is a video streaming platform popular among the far-right, which hosts the likes of Alex Jones as well as Brand’s own videos.

Donald Trump Jr has his own show on Rumble, where he has 1.3m followers, called Triggered with Don Jr. Donald Trump was confirmed to have a verified Rumble account in 2021.

At the time of the launch of his show, Russell Brand said: “We are here to serve our community—which includes everyone. We are here to question everything, we are here to have a laugh, to Build Back Better and Make News Great Again. Stay Free.”

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Donald Jr’s fiance Kimberly Guilfoyle shared the photograph from the event on her on her Instagram account. she captioned the snap: “Naturally, couldn’t resist a pic with the incomparable #AldousSnow.”

While things seem rather friendly between Brand and the Trump family now, back in 2014 the comedian had a public feud with the former president.

Donald Trump slammed the father-of-two, calling his a “major loser” and asking: “What the hell do people see in Russell?”

He continued – referencing Brand’s ex-wife: “@katyperry must have been drunk when she married Russell Brand @rustyrockets – but he did send me a really nice letter of apology!”

Brand responded: “”@realDonaldTrump are you drunk when you write these tweets? Or does that foam you spray on your bald head make you high? I don’t think your daddy left you any witty ripostes, and everything you have you inherited.”

Since the spat, however, the pair seem to have made up, and Brand has even been invited to Trump Tower in New York.

Brand told British talk show host Jonathan Ross that he visited Trump Tower and spoke with Trump.

He told Ross that Trump generously offered Brand the chance to take anything he wanted from his office, and the comedian chose a pen.

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