Sara Haines is accused of 'BULLYING' Sunny Hostin during gun debate

The View host Sara Haines is accused of ‘BULLYING’ Sunny Hostin during a heated gun control debate in the wake of Maine shooting horror – as Joy Behar hastily cuts to a commercial to end furious spat

  • Sara, 46, argued guns should be kept out of the hands of mentally ill people
  • Sunny, 55, accused her co-host of ‘stigmatizing people with mental health’
  • US Army reservist Robert Card murdered 18 people in Maine on October 25 

The View’s Sara Haines has been accused of ‘bullying’ her co-host Sunny Hostin after the two became embroiled in a heated debate about gun laws on Friday.

Referring to gunman Robert Card, who slaughtered 18 people using an AR-15-style rifle in Maine on Wednesday night, Sara, 46, said she would ‘love to see an assault weapons ban’ before stating that people with mental health issues should not own guns.

‘There’s no actionable steps to fix the epidemic in this country on mental health, but we can keep guns out of their hands,’ the mother-of-three argued, leading Sunny, 55, to express her concerns about ‘stigmatizing people with mental health’.

Sara fumed: ‘This shooter had been flagged to the law enforcement by his family, he had been institutionalized for telling people he was gonna go shoot at a reserve base. When someone tells you what they’re going to do, believe them!

The View’s Sara Haines has been accused of ‘bullying’ her co-host Sunny Hostin

Sunny, 55, butt heads with Sara, 46, on Friday’s show as they discussed people with mental health issues being able to buy and own guns

Ana Navarro (right) tried to share her thoughts but Sara kept speaking over her co-hosts

‘Every mass shooter we’ve had has left steps along the way. I believe in red flag laws and most of the country does. We believe in background checks. But it was designed by a pro-gun organization and the yellow flag law insists you see a doctor.

‘That creates a bigger impediment to actually getting someone flagged, whereas 80 per cent of voters approve the police taking the power of that weapon temporarily.’

Speaking calmly, Sunny replied: ‘To respond to you, Sara… I hear what you’re saying and there were signs that this guy should not have had a gun, just like I believe people who are domestic violence offenders should not have guns…

‘But I’m kind of worried about stigmatizing people with mental health because when you look at the statistics, people that suffer from mental health are much more likely to be the victim of a violent crime, rather than the opposite…’

Unable to contain her frustrations, Sara interjected: ‘I’m not going to jump on you… I know this answer though. I have mental illness problems, I have anxiety problems, I have depression problems.

‘I’m not saying everyone that’s ever gone to a therapist or on medication… he was hearing voices that were telling him what to do, I think everyone in this room can agree that’s a mental problem.

After Alyssa Farah Griffin stated that Card has schizophrenia, Sunny added: ‘But not every schizophrenic is violent.’

Sara butted in: ‘This schizophrenic told people he was gonna go shoot up a base, so he told us!’

Sara mentioned her own ‘mental illness problems’ and her ‘depression’ as she argued her point

One person accused Sara of being ‘rude’ and claimed she was ‘bullying’ mom-of-two Sunny

Sunny argued that ‘not every schizophrenic is violent’

‘That’s different, Sunny responded as Sara clapped back: ‘And it’s important to notice those details.’

Keen to calm the tension, moderator Joy Behar, 81, shut it down and said: ‘We gotta go, sorry.’

As the show cut to a commercial break, Sunny was heard saying: ‘I don’t like the mental health angle all the time.’

Viewers tuning in at home were not impressed with Sara and criticized her behavior.

One accused her of ‘bullying and [being] rude,’ adding: ‘Mental illness should be addressed by the panel more civilly. Guns are the problem. Mental illness is mere a component of the issue.’

A second person posted: ‘MY GOD CAN SUNNY EVER FINISH HER POINT!!! This ish is getting beyond annoying.’

A third viewer commented: ‘Geez Sarah stfu and let Sunny speak. My goodness.’ 

A fourth agreed and posted: ‘OMG! Sarah should just stfu and let Sunny finish!!’

Someone else claimed: ‘Every time when Sunny makes valid points, they always cut her off.’

A different viewer echoed this point of view and added: ‘AGAIN, they cut @sunny off whenever she speaks up for the underrepresented and disenfranchised!!! Mental health is NOT the fking issue. Guns are!’ 

Police in Lewiston, Maine, are hunting for gunman Robert Card who killed at least 18 people on October 25

The gunman opened fire using an AR-15-style rifle at a bowling alley and a local bar

Others jumped to defend the TV host, with one writing: ‘So Sunny could spread her ignorance about mental illnesses to counter Sara’s unrelated point? No thanks. Keep talking Sara. No more letting ignorance thrive.’

Another person wrote: ‘I like Sunny, but she brings up “not stigmatizing people with mental illness” all the time, and it shuts down the conversation. Mental health is wide-ranging, and it’s not stigmatizing to acknowledge that some folks with mental illness should NOT have access to guns.’

On Thursday, it emerged that Maine massacre gunman, Card – who still hasn’t been found – had spent two weeks in a mental health facility over the summer after ‘hearing voices’.

Card is from Bowdoin, Maine – a town with a population just over 3,000 – and is a ‘highly skilled’ Army ‘petroleum supply specialist’ who enlisted in December 2002. He has had no combat deployments.

The shooter, who police have warned is ‘armed and dangerous’, is a 1st Class Sergeant, and has been awarded the Army Achievement Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal, National Defence Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon and two Army Reserve Component Achievement medals.

Card, who reportedly has ties to Massachusetts, grappled with mental health issues, recently reporting ‘hearing voices’ and threatening to shoot up a military training base.

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