Sex/Life Stars Sarah Shahi & Adam Demos Reveal How Their Onscreen Hookups Blossomed Into Real Life ‘Love’

Sex/Life… And LOVE!

Netflix stars Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos are opening up about how their steamy on-screen romance during season one of Sex/Life led to a very real romance off-screen! (And no, it turned out it wasn’t cheating BTW.) The lovebirds sat down with E! News Wednesday ahead of the streamer’s season two debut, and spared no details about how working together is one of their “favorite things.” The Black Adam star revealed that her new beau Adam is one of her “all-time favorite screen partners,” adding: 

“With him, it’s just that easy. I just have to look at him and 99 percent of my work is done for me.”

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We have to say, that’s actually pretty sweet! The 43-year-old continued:

“I’m falling in love with the person in real life, but I’m falling for the person on camera. It just created that extra bit that seeped through the lens. Maybe that’s what people loved so much.”

Awww! But respectfully, what viewers couldn’t stop talking about wasn’t the romance, it was the sex — and specifically that peen!

As for Adam, he didn’t mince any words while hyping up his love! He added:

“Outside of how I feel about her personally, she’s such an incredible talent that I’m watching and I’m learning. To be able to work with someone of her caliber, I feel very lucky, fortunate. But then also, I love her so much. There’s a lot of layers to it.”

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We can feel the love… And definitely see it! However, the stars wouldn’t take it personally if a few people in particular didn’t tune into their extremely NSFW show… While talking about their families, Sarah sheepishly warned, “Watch with your eyes closed,” while Adam took it a step further, adding, “And not even.” He even recalled the message he gave his momma when he first landed the role: 

“As soon as I got the job, I said, ‘It’s a show called Sex/Life, you’re never allowed to watch it, mother.’”

For her sake, we have to agree! The 37-year-old added:

“They can see what they’re in for in the trailer. They’re proud nonetheless, even if they’re not allowed to watch it.”

As for what we have to look forward to in season two, Sarah teased:

“This season is really about second chances, it’s about hope, it’s about timing. It takes all the themes from the first season and adds a few more life-y things into the mix.”

Watch the full trailer (below):

Will YOU be tuning in when it drops on March 1, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below!

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