Shanna Moakler Spills All About Ex Oscar De La Hoya's Shocking Cheating Scandals!!

Shanna Moakler is speaking out about her ex Oscar De La Hoya.

The boxer is the focus of the new documentary The Golden Boy, which is streaming on Max right now. And there is quite a bit to dissect after part two of the shocking tell-all tale popped up on HBO‘s streaming site!

Shanna and Oscar first got together in 1997, and eventually welcomed daughter Atiana De La Hoya in 1999 before splitting up a year later. But there was so much more going on behind the scenes during that period — and now, we know all about it.

De La Hoya himself opened the doc during its second part streamer by revealing his memories of first setting eyes on the Playboy model well over two decades ago:

“I’m like this little kid in the candy store, hanging out with celebs. There’s women everywhere — beautiful women. But then I saw her. beautiful, blonde-haired girl, tall, slender, looks like a silhouette. It was almost like a ghost. She was the first American that I dated. She was an actress, and she was Miss USA. For a little Mexican from East LA, I was like, ‘Whoa, this is gonna enhance or help my career.’”

That was his first thought?! About enhancing his career?? Oookay…

For her part, Moakler recalled feeling much more of a connection. She claimed in the doc that it was readily apparent she’d “just met a soulmate,” and added:

“He was fun. He always made me feel so beautiful. I fell in love with him.”

For a while, life was everything Moakler dreamed it could be. She recalled the “power couple” aspects of their early relationship, saying:

“Being part of a power couple was things I, you know, dreamt about when I was a little girl. I loved the attention and loved our life. … I would go to the fights. I had a car to pick me up in my apartment and drive me to Big Bear and then we flew on this private jet. And, you know, we’re escorted by security guards and bodyguards and the secret tunnels, you know, through the Bellagio to these penthouses.”

Then, about six months into their connection, Shanna learned she was pregnant. After giving birth to Atiana in March of 1999, Oscar popped the question and the trio moved into their dream home.

Shanna recalled:

“We were engaged. We moved into this beautiful dream home. It was like a fairy tale. But then things got weird.”

Weird, indeed. One of the weirdest moments actually happened before Atiana’s birth, too.

Back in 1998, one of De La Hoya’s ex-girlfriends claimed he was the father of her son Jacob. The boxer denied it to Shanna, but eventually, a paternity test proved him wrong.

Moakler remembered:

“I remember him saying, ‘I don’t have a son.’ And he went and bought me a tennis bracelet. I was like well, ‘it’s OK if you do, like, I just need to know.’ I remember them doing the paternity test. And Jacob did turn out to be his son. And I was like ‘OK, well, we’re gonna love him and you have a son, congratulations.’”

And Jacob wasn’t the only love-child De La Hoya had to his name. A few months after that controversy ignited, another woman named Angelique McQueen came forward and revealed she and Oscar had conceived a child named Devon after a one-night stand early in 1998, too.

Oscar copped to that birth eventually, as well. In the documentary, he recalled his mind state at the time:

“I have three kids now. It’s a huge responsibility. I just didn’t know how to do it. I didn’t know how to be a parent. And my answer was to drink.”

Quickly, Shanna realized things were very, very wrong. Noting on the Max streamer how Oscar became “a different person” while drinking, she explained:

“Even now I look back on it and I just didn’t want to believe it. I didn’t want to believe — even though it was happening to me even though I was living it, you know, I was seeing it — maybe I was in love with the idea. You know what I envisioned him in my mind to be. Women would call me up and say, ‘I slept with your fiancé.’ And I would say ‘No, you didn’t. He would never do that to me. You just want his money.’”

Soon enough, the infidelities mounted.

Even though the boxer’s indiscretions became more common — and more obvious — Shanna recalled how she refused to walk away. She wouldn’t even admit them to herself for a while! That included rape allegations made by an unnamed woman, which were eventually settled in 2001 in a civil suit out of court.

Shanna said:

“I would chase him down in the nightclubs and security guards would see me and they would rush him out the back door so I couldn’t catch him. He would always just tell me like ‘No, I love you.’ And then I had heard that he was accused of rape by women in Mexico. Things like that started to happen and I stood by him because I just didn’t believe any of it.”

And she added:

“I never thought he was guilty of any of it. You know, I thought these women were just trying to make a quick buck.”


One of the lowest moments for Shanna came on Christmas 1999, when De La Hoya left a family gathering in Palm Springs for a party back in El Lay. Moakler recalled how that incident turned into yet another rape accusation:

“We were spending Christmas in Palm Springs. His friends were having a party at our house in Bel Air, so he left and he went to that party and I was really hurt. I was like, ‘this is Christmas.’ And then another woman accused him of rape at our home.”

However, there were no criminal charges filed over that alleged December 1999 incident.

Still, De La Hoya was putting himself and others in unsettling situations and affecting Shanna and Atiana deeply. Opening up to the HBO cameras, the boxer noted he was put in “vulnerable” spots, but denied any sexual assault claims:

“Did I put myself in the position where I was vulnerable? Where people can, you know, accuse me of anything? Yeah, I did put myself in positions like that. Because I was reckless. But I’m not a bad guy. I would never. It’s not in my DNA. It’s not in my bones to ever do something like that.”

Eventually, after a couple major boxing losses, the Mexican-American star fired his business manager and the rest of his team. Then, he hired a new rep named Richard Schaefer to lead a supposed career resurgence.

One of the plans put forth by Schaefer was for De La Hoya to become a Latin pop music singer. Seriously.

Moakler recalled how that turned out:

“We flew to Florida and I was there for about three weeks while he recorded this album. Richard told Oscar I wasn’t Latina enough and that he needed in the public eye to be respected by the Mexican community to be with a Mexican or Latina woman.”


Soon enough, the album’s producers showed the boxer pictures of a singer named Millie Corretjer. Then, the record company made it “a priority” for the pair to meet, and they even filmed a music video together as they built their chemistry.

Shanna recalled how that connection quickly began to push a rift between her and Atiana’s father:

“I went to set that day. I remember being with Richard Schaefer in the golf cart. I was saying, ‘Oscar and I are kind of having some problems.’ And he goes, ‘well, you know, Shanna, I can’t control the heart.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, you son of a bitch! You did it!’”

All the while, De La Hoya kept promising Shanna they would “start fresh” and rekindle their romance soon enough.

But that didn’t happen, and when Moakler saw the boxer holding hands with Corretjer on the red carpet of the 2000 Latin Grammy Awards, she knew something was seriously amiss. Shanna recalled confronting Oscar about the red carpet romp the very next day:

“The next day, he got in the car with me. I just said, ‘Why did you do that?’ He looked me dead in the face. He goes, ‘I don’t love you anymore.’ He goes, ‘Shanna, I have more money than God.’ And he got out of the car. And he came over to the window where I was sitting there bawling and he knocked on the window. And he goes, ‘Don’t be too hard on me!’ Nothing he said to me was the truth.”


De La Hoya went on to marry Corretjer in 2001 after he and Shanna split up for good. The couple ended up having three kids together and remained in a relationship until 2016, when they split up.

But during their marriage, accusations of infidelity continued to dog De La Hoya. At one point, he was notably accused of cheating on Millie with Russian dancer Milana Dravnel after a nightclub meeting. And so it goes…

Still, Shanna’s sordid situation with the boxer made for quite the storyline on part two of The Golden Boy.

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