Shaq, Charles Barkley Can't Control Laughter In Hilarious Scene On 'NBA on TNT' Set

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Having a rough Thursday morning? This will certainly cheer you up …

Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley got a case of the giggles on the set of “NBA On TNT” on Wednesday night … and the two cracked each other up so hard, it’s impossible not to laugh out loud while watching them.

The NBA legends began chuckling right after Ernie Johnson had spoken about the injury Anthony Davis suffered against the Warriors in the Lakers’ playoff loss at Golden State … and check out the video, even though they tried like hell to stifle the giggles — they just couldn’t stop.

Every time one of the two appeared composed, the other one busted out a huge laugh. It alll looked like a scene straight of a middle school classroom.

And, at one point, even Kenny Smith joined in too!!

Johnson eventually got control of the chaos on set, and Barkley resumed breaking down the Lakers’ 121-106 defeat as if nothing had happened.

It’s unclear what had all the guys in stitches … some say they were laughing over the way Davis needed to leave the court following his head injury — though neither has addressed that speculation publicly.

Whatever it was, though, it all made for some pretty great two minutes of television.

Never change, guys.

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