Sienna Miller reveals she is having a baby girl on Vogue cover

Sienna Miller is having a baby girl! Star, 41, displays her bare bump on Vogue cover as she discusses ‘unplanned pregnancy’ and her own prejudices about being an older mum

Sienna Miller has revealed she is expecting a baby girl with her partner, Oli Green, as she shared her news in the January issue of Vogue magazine.

In incredible photos taken to accompany the interview, the actress, 41, displayed her bare bump alongside both her daughter Marlowe, 10 and boyfriend Oli, 27.

Sienna spoke candidly about her pregnancy and how it had been ‘unplanned’, but admitted she feels ‘more psychologically prepared’ than with her first born.

During the rare interview, Sienna said that Marlowe, from her relationship with actor Tom Sturridge, 38, has been angling for a sibling for some time. 

But now the baby is on its way, Sienna said she’s been fighting her own prejudices about being an older mother and has to learn to stop making a joke out of it.

Sienna Miller has revealed she is expecting a baby girl with her partner, Oli Green, as she shared her news in the January issue of Vogue magazine 

Sienna confirmed she is expecting her second child with partner Oli Green, 27, during a beach holiday in August – as he joined her for the Vogue photoshoot

As part of the rare interview, Sienna put on a jaw-dropping display as she showed off her bare bump in an open gold gown

She told the publication: ‘I’d love to get to a point where I didn’t feel the need to make a joke of my being older and having a baby, to show I’m in on the joke.’ 

And in a video she filmed with Vogue, Sienna revealed that the pregnancy was an unplanned one, as she prepares to become a mother for the second time aged 41. 

She revealed: ‘I was very fortunate. I wasn’t necessarily trying to get pregnant. This happened as a total surprise and biologically was something I was able to do.’ 

Sienna went on to further address the stigma around pregnancy as an older woman as she has fought her own prejudices around the subject.  

She added: ‘I think people are comfortable with a way of living that has existed for many years, which is very misogynistic and patriarchal.

‘Like me being the older woman in a partnership with a younger person or being pregnant over 40 and that that’s irresponsible and poor child and it’s such double standards.’

For the interview, Sienna took part in a stunning photoshoot, showing off her bare growing stomach in three stunning photographs.

In one she donned an exquisite gold gown, which fell open to reveal her growing bump, while in another she looked whimsically into the distance while sporting a vibrant red number. 

She was joined by her boyfriend Oli as the pair lay in a field of long grass, as they prepare to welcome their first child together. 

For the interview, Sienna took part in a stunning photoshoot, showing off her bare bump a total of three times

In another she looked whimsically into the distance while sporting a vibrant red number

During the interview, Sienna, who is now 31 weeks along, detailed the difference in her mentality surrounding her birth plans between her first and second children.

She admitted she is now ‘feeling’ pregnant in her ‘head and face’ and has noticed she is moving around with a ‘slight waddle’ – as well as needing to go to the toilet around ’18 times a night’.

Sienna said that with Marlowe, she had her heart set on a ‘natural’ birth, with her sister Savannah, 44, (who had delivered several times at home) as her doula. 

But instead, she was induced at the hospital and 27 hours of gruelling labour followed. 

She added: ‘It was like a horrible trick of the universe. I was like, This can’t be what my sister felt at home in her birthing pool.’

Sienna was given an emergency C-section, which she called a destabilising experience. She said: ‘It was so essential in my mind that I got it ‘right.’ And so emblematic of the kind of mother I would be that I didn’t. 

‘But I know in retrospect that was just the demons of new motherhood. This time, she says, ‘I just don’t think I’ll put that pressure on myself’.’ 

Sienna said she still wants to try for a natural birth, and she’s recently switched to a doctor who is aligned with that viewpoint. 

As for THAT divisive two-piece Schiaparelli ensemble she wore at Vogue World in September in London, she said: ‘I was nervous about it, but once I had it on, everything else felt boring’ 

Oli is 15 years Sienna’s junior – and she has now admitted: ‘I don’t think you can regulate matters of the heart’ (pictured together in July)

The actress, who was previously in a long-term relationship with Jude Law, 50,  confirmed she was expecting her second child during a beach holiday in August. 

Sienna and actor Oli, 27, have been dating since 2021 and he is 15 years her junior. 

Now, opening up on their age gap for the first time, Sienna said: ‘I would imagine it would be complicated for anyone to get their head around, but there’s been nothing but love and joy.’ 

‘I don’t think you can legislate on matters of the heart. I certainly have never been able to.’ 

And on the issue that he may someday want someone younger, she simply said: ‘For Oli, it is real that I might want to be with someone older.’ 

Later on in the interview, as Oli celebrated his 27th birthday, she joked about being relieved to not be dating a 26 year old anymore.  

The two were first romantically linked in early 2022 when they were spotted together in New York – and Sienna has now revealed they met at a Halloween party thrown by a mutual friend. 

Although they kissed when they first met, Sienna said that she then ‘retreated’, believing the relationship wouldn’t ‘go anywhere’. 

Savannah Miller and Sienna attend the former’s launch of Viviere in London last month

Sienna looked incredible as she showed off her bump at the Vogue World Event in September

However dogged determination from Oli eventually persuaded her to go out for a drink in New York – and Sienna brought along a wing-woman pal in the form of Emily Blunt. 

Emily has said: ‘When I got there, it was so beautiful between them. I just gave her a hug and went ‘I’m going to slip away’.

‘I see so much of her in him, in that free-spirited curious guileless thing that he has.’ 

Oli is also an actor in the latest series of The Crown as Rupert Finch, a university friend of the Prince and Princess of Wales while they were at St Andrews.

As for THAT divisive two-piece Schiaparelli ensemble she wore at Vogue World in September in London, Sienna said: ‘I was nervous about the idea of it, but once I had it on, everything else felt boring. 

‘I was like, I’ll have that photo for the rest of my baby’s life. It’s kind of fascinating to fight your own prejudice against yourself. I’m constantly doing that.’

Although this is the first time Sienna has officially said she is having a baby girl, she previously hinted at it during her very lavish baby shower last month, where she was joined by family and celebrity friends. 

Stunning Sienna showed off her blossoming bump in a baby pink dress, accompanied by a flower crown with differing hues of blush, again hinting towards a baby girl. 

The actress previously admitted to freezing her eggs after turning 40 because she feared the prospect of having no more children.  

Sienna had given not so subtle hints that she was expecting a girl during her baby shower last month, where everything was themed pink 

Sienna was joined by her sister Savannah at her baby shower last month, who shared insights into the special day 

Boyfriend Oli, who features in the most recent series of The Crown, was front and centre at the baby shower 

She told ELLE: ‘Biology is incredibly cruel on women in that decade – that’s the headline, or it certainly was for me.

‘Then I got to 40 and I froze some eggs. Having been really focused on the need to have another baby, I’m just like, if it happens, it happens. That kind of existential threat has dissipated.’

Speaking to The Sunday Times Style Magazine in 2019, Sienna told how she hoped to grow her family in the future.

She said: ‘I would love to have more children. I would love it for my daughter as well. I think I would be open to getting married’.

At the time the star was in a relationship with Lucas Zwirner, but they ultimately parted ways the following year.

Sienna previously told how she felt ‘overwhelmed’ and thought she had ‘failed’ the first stages of parenthood after having Marlowe in 2012.

Reflecting on the difficult time, the actress said she was ‘obsessed’ with Marlowe but at the same time was also in ‘absolute hell’ as she ‘didn’t know what she was doing’.

Vogue’s Winter 2024 issue is available on newsstands nationwide on January 23rd, where you can read the full interview.  

Sienna is mother to daughter Marlowe, 11, whom she has with her ex Tom Sturridge (pictured together in 2015). The pair are still very close

Prior to her relationship with Tom, Sienna was engaged to fellow actor Jude Law in 2004 after he popped the question on Christmas Day (pictured in 2010)

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