Sophie Turner is currently staying at one of Taylor Swift’s NYC apartments

While Joe Jonas filed for divorce in Florida, where he and Sophie Turner had based themselves for a couple of years, it doesn’t sound like Joe and/or Sophie own any real estate in the US at this point. Sophie’s lawsuit included information about how far they had come into their move to the UK, and she genuinely believed that they were going to base their family there for all of this year. Now Sophie and Joe have agreed to a temporary situation which says that neither of them can move their daughters out of the greater New York area. I wondered where Sophie and the kids were staying, a hotel or an Airbnb. Turns out, she’s staying at a friend’s apartment. That friend? Taylor Swift.

It’s nice to have Taylor Swift as a friend, it seems. The superstar singer has been by Sophie Turner’s side ever since the actress’ split from Joe Jonas came to light, taking her to dinner and keeping her entertained amid her bleak breakup. But now Page Six hears that Swift, 33, has even loaned Turner, 27, a stunning apartment in her own downtown New York City neighborhood that the actress and her children can live in while Turner and Jonas get their complex custody arrangements ironed out.

Apparently, the “Shake It Off” songstress keeps a Tribeca pad as an investment property, but has handed the keys to the “Game of Thrones” star as a temporary home. Page Six spies say Turner has been spotted settling into the famously chic hood, checking out some of the local comfort food spots.

On Wednesday, Turner was spotted leaving the apartment with her two daughters and a mystery woman. A folded-up travel crib and two large suitcases were also seen being taken out of the building and put into an awaiting vehicle. Turner helped the little ones get buckled into the SUV before waving goodbye and heading back into the abode.

The British star previously had been staying at a ritzy Midtown hotel with 3-year-old Willa and 1-year-old Delphine.

[From Page Six]

In 2013/14, Taylor started buying NYC real estate and I’ve never kept track of everything she owns. I know she has that spacious Tribeca apartment – her NYC base – which I think was made out of like two or three apartments. I think she bought some other apartments in the building or somewhere close. It sounds like that’s where Sophie is staying – not in Taylor’s big apartment, but one she keeps as an “investment,” as Page Six says. It’s nice to be friends with one of the richest women in America.

Photos of Sophie out in NYC yesterday:

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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