Tanya Roberts' Ashes Will Be Spread Where She Hiked With Her Dogs

After an emotional rollercoaster of a week, Tanya Roberts’ longtime partner Lance O’Brien just revealed to TMZ his plans for honoring the late actress, telling the outlet the 65-year-old will be cremated.

Tanya’s ashes will be spread along the four-mile hiking trail she would often walk with her two beloved dogs in Laurel Canyon, just behind their home. It’s obvious her time with the pups meant the world to her, and according to Lance, the feeling was mutual as he noted how much they’ve been missing their mom. So sad!

Though no other plans are set in motion yet, O’Brien will coordinate with the That ‘70s Show star’s family to arrange a memorial service to pay tribute to their loved one. It’s unclear if this will be an online service fans could attend per her representative Mike Pingel’s statement confirming her death, in which he said:

“An online memorial for Tanya Roberts will be announced shortly. The family ask for privacy as they mourn her death.”

This all comes after a devastatingly tough turn of events last week when Roberts was prematurely announced dead. Tanya’s rep first broke the news of her passing on January 4, only for it to be revised later in the day after the hospital called Lance to confirm his partner was still alive! While there was much confusion as to the early announcement, the mourning partner told TMZ at the time:

“As I held her in her last moments, she opened her eyes. I was able to see her beautiful eyes one last time. Tanya had the most beautiful eyes.”

Due to strict coronavirus restrictions within the hospital, a major miscommunication led him to believing the James Bond girl had died upon his last moments with her when in reality, she was still fighting her illness. Sadly, by Tuesday, her rep was back with a devastating update, telling People:

“With a heavy heart I can confirm the death of Tanya Roberts last night on January 4, 2021 around 9:30pm PT at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA.”

He also confirmed her cause of death, which had been a huge unknown as reporters were only aware that Roberts had collapsed on Christmas Eve after returning home from a hike with her dogs. Despite being put on a ventilator, her hospitalization was confirmed not to be from COVID-19, with Pingel later explaining:

“ was from a urinary tract infection which spread to her kidney, gallbladder, liver and then blood stream.”

We continue to send our thoughts and love to all those mourning Tanya’s abrupt passing!!

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