Ted Nugent Replaces Canceled Alabama Concert With Mississippi Show: 'You Can't Cancel Me'

Ted Nugent has replaced his canceled Alabama concert with a show in Mississippi and declared, “You Can’t Cancel Me.”

Earlier this month, Nugent’s concert in Birmingham, Alabama, was canceled due to social media backlash surrounding his controversial political views.

The legendary rocker was scheduled to perform on July 18 at Avondale Brewing Co. However, his appearance was canceled on May 4, one day before tickets were due to go on sale via Ticketmaster.

Avondale Brewing’s Facebook page received nearly 1,000 comments criticizing the musician for his far-right beliefs and labeling him homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic.

“The concerts are selling out left and right – except where some freaks think that men should go into women’s bathrooms and locker rooms, and who think that comfortably numb is a desirable condition for your children,” Nugent said during an episode of his “Nightly Nuge” show.

He continued, “They have protested. I think there were six snakes — they were serpents — that protested one of my concerts down in Birmingham, Alabama, of all places. We were selling tickets left and right. They cancelled the concert, and the Nugent haters — which is the Michael Moore, Hunter Biden fan club — they actually cancelled the concert in Birmingham, but an hour later I booked another gig for more money across the border in Mississippi. So when you mess with Uncle Ted, you lose.”

He also called the cancellation of his show at the Avondale Brewery as a move by “the lunatic fringe,” adding, “But again, you see that smile on my face? You can’t cancel me.”

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