‘The Hills’ Star Caroline D’Amore Admits Mischa Barton’s Comment About Her Business ‘Really Hurtful’

Having become the former ‘The O.C.’ star’s target of negativity, ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ star claims she feels like ‘a sensitivity chip missing’ from her former friend.

AceShowbizCaroline D’Amore has addressed former good friend Mischa Barton‘s negative comments about her business. Having been subjected to such unkind remarks in the first season of “The Hills: New Beginnings“, the newest cast member of the reality series admitted that it was “really hurtful.”

In the Thursday, May 27 episode of “Hollywood Life TVTalk” on Instagram Live, the founder of Pizza Girl opened up about how she really felt. She told the publication, “It was really hurtful.” She continued, “It was really insane. That’s my livelihood. It made me feel like – I don’t know – There’s a sensitivity chip missing. Very confusing.”

Back in March 2020, Mischa took to her social media to share a screenshot of an article that claimed she would not be returning for season 2 of the show and Caroline would be joining the cast to replace her. In the post that has since been taken down, she began to write, “Lol. Where do people get their reporting from?”

“As if anyone would watch @carolinedamore try to hoc her boring ass pasta bowls and greasy pizza on tv,” the former star of “The O.C” continued. “Tried that it was like watching paint dry. Get the story straight first. @usweekly.”

Instead of clapping back at Mischa’s unkind comment, Caroline opted to express her gratitude by sharing that the bullying increased the orders for her pizza business. Along with a photo of her donning black lingerie and holding a pizza box with “Pizza Girl” on it, she penned, “Thank you for the sudden surge in @pizzagirlofficial sales this morning. #notstoopingtoyourlevel @mischabarton REAL women don’t bully other women.”

Elsewhere in the interview with Hollywood Life, Caroline stated that she “would be cool” if Mischa returned to the show. The DJ opened up, “I hope she gives a little more this time and is a little bit more exciting. I was prepared for her to come back this season. I was ready for it. If she does. I’m a very forgiving person even to a fault, so if she apologizes in some way.”

“There was actually another girl involved who wasn’t on the show last season who’s on the show this season,” Caroline spilled. The “American Idiots” actress added further, “She actually did call and apologize to me, so I think maybe if there’s an apology we definitely can get along again. We had fun together and I loved her as a friend so it was kind of sad for me.”

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