'The Pioneer Woman': Ree Drummond Reveals 'Disastrous' Meal She Made Ladd When They Were Dating

Ree Drummond failed to impress her now-husband Ladd with one homecooked meal when they were dating. The Pioneer Woman star shared that, while the dish was one of her favorites, it wasn’t a hit with Ladd.

Ree Drummond recalls making a ‘disastrous’ meal for Ladd when they were dating

Drummond confessed in a 2011 blog post on The Pioneer Woman website how she made a favorite pasta dish for her then-boyfriend Ladd and it didn’t go over too well.

“I included this recipe in the Black Heels book because it’s one of the first (disastrous) things I cooked for Marlboro Man when we were dating,” she wrote. “It was my favorite pasta dish from my favorite restaurant in all of Los Angeles: Intermezzo in West Hollywood.”

Drummond continued, “Intermezzo was a dreamy, wonderful place with an outdoor covered patio peppered with trees and tiny white lights. But it was the pasta — not the atmosphere — that I’ll remember the rest of my life. I dream about the pasta at Intermezzo regularly.”

The Food Network host went on to explain how she made her favorite pasta from the restaurant for her boyfriend. “The dish I ordered with the most frequency was angel hair with four cheeses. It was delectable,” Drummond explained.

“So when I made it for my (cattle ranching, meat eating, non-pasta crazed) new boyfriend on one of those first dinners at his house in the country, I was certain it was going to be a hit,” Drummond added. “I won’t go into detail here, but the dish was a complete flop. User error. Live and learn.”

‘The Pioneer Woman’ star said the recipe ‘will light up your life’

Drummond shared how she was able to recreate her favorite recipe, noting that it’s a great option for a pasta lover or makes a fabulous side dish for meat lovers.

“Through the years, I’ve improved my technique and still make pasta ai quattro formaggi anytime I need a taste of the LA days … or whenever I need a good, rich carb dish next to a juicy fillet or rib-eye,” she wrote.

Drummond noted, “Make this for your sweetie on Valentine’s Day. You can serve it alongside beef or seafood, or can just serve it with a lovely green salad if your beloved doesn’t require some kind of animal protein with every meal.”

She added, “It will light up your life.”

How to make Ree Drummond’s pasta ai quattro formaggi recipe

Drummond demonstrated how to make the pasta ai quattro formaggi recipe on an episode of The Pioneer Woman.

First, she added mushrooms to a pan with butter, grated a clove of garlic into the skillet, and added salt and pepper.

Then she added white wine to the mushrooms and cooked them to reduce the wine. She reduced the heat and added heavy cream. “Let me just state for the record — this is not a diet dish at all,” she clarified. “It’s very rich.”

Meanwhile, she brought a pot of water to a boil and cooked the pasta for a few minutes. “The original dish used angel hair and that’s always what I use with this sauce,” she explained. “It’s just perfect with all those cheeses.”

Drummond drained the angel hair pasta and added it to the pan. She added fontina, parmesan, romano, and goat cheeses, then tossed everything together with tongs.

“You want to make me happy, just make this for dinner for me any night of the week,” she said. “I absolutely love it.”

The full recipe is available on the Food Network website.

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