The Truth About Dr. Nowzaradan’s Messy Divorce

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan is often faced with drama from his patients on My 600-Lb Life but off-screen, he’s faced some major hardships of his own.

In 2002, amid his successful career as a surgeon, Dr. Nowzaradan’s wife, Delores, filed for divorce in the District Court of Texas after nearly three decades of marriage. And, according to legal documents, via Hollywood Mask, she accused her then-spouse of “cruel treatment” and claimed “insupportability.” Then, a short time later, Dr. Nowzaradan responded to her petition to end their marriage with his own counter-petition.

Dallas-based law firm O’Neil Wysocki defined “insupportability” as “unendurable, insufferable, and intolerable” in a blog post shared in November 2010 and noted that the term was a “no-fault” ground for divorce, which means that a divorce can be granted without proof that either person was responsible for the split. 

During Dr. Nowzaradan and Delores’ final divorce hearing, the court determined it was the surgeon who was guilty of breaking up their marriage, and concluded that he had “complicated the discovery process by withholding records, obstructing discovery, asserting baseless privileges, and failing to comply.”

Dr. Nowzaradan's divorce was settled in 2004

The Hollywood Mask went on to reveal that the court also decided to award Delores with 70 percent of her and Dr. Nowzaradan’s joint assets, which included their former shared home, cash, and property.

According to another report from Reality Show Casts, Dr. Nowzaradan and Delores wed in 1975 at a time when she was working as the secretary of his office. However, after they wed, she quit her job and became a stay-at-home mom to their three children, including their two daughters, Jennifer and Jessica, and one son, Jonathan, and also cared for Dr. Nowzaradan’s mother, who was living with them for many years.

Reality Show Casts also confirmed Dr. Nowzaradan’s divorce from Delores was finalized in 2004 and said that while she made it clear in her court documents that she was not treated well by the surgeon, no specific details were revealed in regard to what exactly ended their relationship.

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