Thor: Love And Thunder is number one at the box office

Thor: Love And Thunder ranks number one at the box office and is set to draw in over $135MIL… making it this year’s third biggest domestic opening

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has done it again with Thor: Love And Thunder leaping to the number one slot in this weekend’s box office. 

The film is projected to rake in between $135 million and $145 million during its opening weekend, according to Deadline. 

On Friday alone, the action movie garnered around $69.5 million, which also included previews from Thursday. 

Number one: Thor: Love And Thunder sits at number one and is expected to draw in over $135 million during its opening weekend 

Thor: Love And Thunder is expected to rank number three on the this year’s highest domestic opening. 

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness ranks at number one with around $187 million during opening weekend in the U.S., and Jurassic World Dominion at number two with $145 million, according to Variety. 

Although Thor has made appearances in other MCU films over the years, Thor: Love And Thunder is the fourth installment in the Thor universe. 

Upon each additional sequel in the franchise, the bigger the box office draw. Thor (2011) made $449 million, Thor: The Dark World (2013) brought in double with $644.8 million, and Thor: Ragnarok (2017) made a grand total of $854 million. 

Fourth installment: Thor: Love And Thunder stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Natalie Portman as Jane Foster 

Star-studded cast: Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Taika Waititi, and Pom Klementeiff attended London screening of Thor: Love And Thunder 

The movie’s plot follows Thor and the villain, Gorr the God Butcher, played by Christian Bale. In order to battle Gorr, Thor asks for help from Valkyrie, Korg, and his ex-girlfriend, Jane Foster. 

The film was directed by Taika Waititi, who has also directed films such as Thor: Ragnarok (2017) and JOJO Rabbit (2019). The filmmaker also voices the character of Korg. 

While audiences seem eager to rush to the theater to watch the beloved character on the big screen, critics appear to be less thrilled. 

According to Variety, the film currently as a Cinema Score of B+, which isn’t exactly terrible and is more on the favorable side. 

However, most MCU movies usually garner a grade of A- or higher, including the original Thor (2011). 

Number two: Last weekend, Minions: Rise Of Gru held the number one seat, but have been pushed down to second 

Deadline reported that RelishMix, an entertainment analytics company, expressed a bit of concern about how critics and audiences would take the film. 

‘Energy levels and tone run wildly mixed, leaning positive, as Thor chatter has returned to pre-pandemic cynicism, playfulness, and criticism from the MCU,’ the corporation stated. 

‘Some wonder if this is a comedy, while others explain that this project swings from superhero to Taika Waititi-land improv playfulness.’ 

Owen Gleiberman, chief film critic for Variety, also discussed the film and Taika’s direction, stating, ‘the wit to see that if you aren’t mocking a Marvel movie as you’re making one, you might be taking it more seriously than the audience does.’ 

Despite the mixed critical reviews, it has not deterred Thor from taking over the number one spot in the box office. 

Big drop: Universal’s animation drops a whopping 70% after big $128 box office draw last weekend during its opening 

According to The Numbers, Minions: Rise Of Gru dropped 70% in the box office this weekend after its $128 million opening the previous week. The animation currently sits at number two. 

Top Gun: Maverick has been pushed down to number three at this weekend’s box office, after having a steady seat at number two for a couple weeks. The movie dropped 38%. 

Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis is number four after also dropping 38% with Jurassic World Dominion dropping 50% to secure a number five spot this weekend.  

Popular: Top Gun: Maverick has yet to waver from the top three slots after its initial opening at the end of May 

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