Tom Cruise finds it is a mission impossible to calm irate cab drivers

‘Did he buy the street?’ Tom Cruise finds it is a mission impossible to calm irate cab drivers as he holds up traffic to pose for selfies with fans after dining with Beyonce and Jay Z in Mayfair

Tom Cruise sparked fury after holding up traffic in London while stopping to greet fans.

The Hollywood megastar was spotted leaving the exclusive Oswald’s Private Members Club in Mayfair yesterday evening. He had just been dining with Beyonce, Jay Z and Henry Cavill.

Video has emerged showing Cruise leaving the restaurant to a flurry of photographs.

Then he signs autographs from awaiting fans and even stops to politely chat with them as a large group begins to gather around him.

Tom Cruise was in a joyful mood as he spent over five minutes speaking with fans, signing autographs and having selfies

Tom Cruise caused an unintentional ruckus as he stepped outside an exclusive Mayfair restaurant

A cab driver can be heard in the video saying: ‘Did he buy the street? I don’t give an f*** about Tom Cruise!’

Tom Cruise drew a large crowd which apparently blocked off the road and stopped cab drivers from being able to work

But not everyone seemed to be pleased to see Mr Cruise as people began to blare their horns.

Moments later, a cab driver can be heard off-camera saying: ‘Did he buy the street?’

Then someone replies: ‘He could though, couldn’t he?’

To which the cabbie says: ‘I don’t give a f*** about Tom Cruise.

‘Just f***ing move!’

Tom ran his fingers through his hair as he stepped outside after enjoying the meal 

Floppy-haired Tom Cruise wore a dark suit as he was pictured outside the venue 

Tom Cruise poses with tourists outside the Mayfair restaurant. The actor took a lot of time out for his fans

Another person in the video says: ‘Is that cabbie moaning about blocking the road? You’re having a laugh, ain’t ya?’

Another person can also be heard saying, ‘f*** you’ possibly to the cab driver and someone else mutters ‘f***ing a******’.

Eventually, the video shows Tom Cruise’s entourage ushering the paparazzi and fans to one side and the actor is led away.

Oswald’s commands a £2,500 per annum fee and is a frequent haunt of celebrities.

He seemed thrilled when someone pulled out a Top Gun poster while talking to his fave action hero

Beyonce was sporting her recently lightened hair which was partially concealed with a white hood and she wore a pair of dark sunglasses for the night out. She was accomponied by her husband Jay-Z

Superman star Henry Cavill also wore a dark ensemble and a bright plaid tie for the occasion

Cruise dined with Beyonce for the first time since she was hit with ‘skin bleaching’ accusations.

She was sporting her recently lightened blonde hair which was partially concealed with a white hood and she wore a pair of dark sunglasses.

Floppy-haired Tom Cruise, 61, and Henry Cavill, 40, both wore dark suits, with Henry adding a colourful plaid tie for good measure.

The outing comes two days after Beyoncé’s mother Tina Knowles furiously struck out at online critics accusing her daughter of lightening her skin in an Instagram video posted Tuesday.

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