Travis Kelce's Ex Calls Him A 'Narcissist' – And Says Taylor Swift Fans Are Sending Her Death Threats!

Travis Kelce‘s ex-girlfriend Maya Benberry is yet again calling him out!

In a dramatic new interview with Inside Edition out on Thursday, the football player’s ex — whom he met on his dating show Catching Kelce back in 2016 — is doubling down on her criticisms of the athlete.

First, she reiterated claims they dated for eight months before he allegedly cheated on her with his next girlfriend, ruining her hopes she might one day marry him. Now, that she’s brought the allegations to light again (she previously spoke out five years ago) and the 33-year-old hasn’t responded to them directly, she feels he’s “laughing at” and “mocking” her. Elaborating, she DRAGGED him, saying:

“Certain qualities don’t change in men. I feel like Travis is a narcissist. So, most narcissists don’t change.”


She then wondered if his relationship with TayTay is even real, speculating:

“The only reason that I question the genuineness of the relationship is because he’s talking to the media a lot.”

Oof. She’s not the only one questioning the genuineness of the romance — but should she really be the one dissing him for talking the media?? She’s making her rounds, too!! Just saying!

Elsewhere, the former reality star bashed the Anti-Hero singer’s fans for sending her death threats after she began talking to the media, arguing:

“Swifties are aggressive. Very negative, very hypocritical. It’s really crazy to me that someone that I think is positive and really nice has such a negative and angry fanbase.”

Death threats are NEVER okay! We’re sorry she has to deal with that…

Maya later denied she’s speaking out now to gain her 15 minutes of fame (claims she is “offended” by), but also kinda proved *maybe* some portion of theories arguing she’s a “bitter” ex-girlfriend out for revenge are true, by quipping:

“I don’t know Taylor Swift. I’m a fan of her music. You know, I don’t feel any way about her dating Travis, it’s cute. I mean, I had him first, so!”

It’s that last part for us! She does seem very salty!! Hah!

Ultimately, the girl just wants everyone — and all those mean Swifties! — to know this has NOTHING to do with the Grammy winner:

“I’m not jealous or bitter about Taylor. She’s beautiful, she’s successful. We’re in two different lanes. My issue is more with Travis in the sense of, now you’re trying to turn me into, I don’t know — a bitter person, a liar, like I’m delusional, and I’m the furthest thing from that.”

Inneresting! Hear the whole thing (below)!

Reactions?! Sound OFF (below)!

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