Vicki Gunvalson lashes out at Lisa Rinna

Real Housewives war! RHOC vet Vicki Gunvalson slams RHOBH’s Lisa Rinna for not showing ‘respect’ adding ‘she would not have a job if it wasn’t for ME’

Vicki Gunvalson has lashed out at her former friend Lisa Rinna.

On Wednesday the 58-year-old former Real Housewives of Orange County star said the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star would not have a job if it was not for her.

The blonde – who was an original cast member on RHOC, the very first show of the franchise – feels she did not get any respect from the wife of Harry Hamlin or any of the other RHOBH stars: ‘They wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for me starting this damn thing!’ she said.

Fight! Vicki Gunvalson told a podcast this week that thanks to her, the Real Housewives franchise is a hit which gave shows like RHOBH a chance. And that is why stars like Lisa Rinna should show her respect

She started it all? On The Real Housewives Of Orange County with (l-r) Alexis Bellino, Jeana Keough, Gretchen Rossi, Lynne Curtin, Tamra Judge; Vicki is in purple

She left RHOC a year ago this month, after having been demoted to ‘Friend’ status for Season 14 and wants to be considered the ‘OG of the OC.’ 

She shared her thoughts on Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast.

Gunvalson said she felt she was ‘looked down on’ by Rinna as well as other members of RHOBH. Also on the show are Kyle Richards and Erika Jayne. 

‘The last time I saw all of them was either at Bravo Con or Andy’s baby shower in January of last year,’ she said.

Ouch: But Vicki said Lisa – seen here in a Fendi bikini – blew her off at a convention

Andy is reunion host and WWHL star Andy Cohen. 

‘And truly, you know, Lisa Rinna didn’t give me the time of day.’

Gunvalson walked listeners through her experience with Lisa. ‘I said hi to her, and she was like, “Oh yeah, you’re Orange County.”‘

And other members of the RHOBH cast pushed her away too, but she would not name named: ‘I don’t think they gave me the time of day.’

Her too? The blonde said there were other RHOBH stars who did not show her any love but did not name names; Lisa, left, with costar Kyle Richards, right

A powerhouse: Kyle is one of the top stars of RHOBH; she is also Paris Hilton’s aunt

A diva look: Also on the RHOBH is Erika Jayne who has recently left her much older husband

Vicki also did not like how Lisa danced on tables at Andy’s baby shower. 

‘It’s just, I just felt looked down on, you know, she’s up on the tables, dancing. I’m like, “Why? This is Andy’s baby shower. You want attention?”‘ Gunvalson said. ‘It was just all very, I just sat back going, “Wow, this is a little messed up.”‘

But Vicki understands these women have to fight for screen time: ‘You just see it from a different perspective when you’re not on anymore. Like you are all about who’s looking at you, you know.’

Not good: And Vicki added that it was not cool for Lisa to dance on the tables at Andy Cohen’s baby shower

And she has done her wild things too: ‘I have been there. I’ve done that. I’ve wanted people to stare at me. I wanted them to know [that] I know how to whoop it up.’ 

Vicki also said the show ruined her marriage. 

She was married to Donn Gunvalson for twenty years, from 1994 until they divorced in 2014. 

The star said on the podcast: ‘I did everything right, except falling prey to divorce. I mean, I think that hindsight, um, I know for a fact that if I wasn’t on a reality show, I wouldn’t have been divorced.’

Her opinion: She was married to Donn Gunvalson for 20 years, from 1994 until they divorced in 2014. And during her appearance on the Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast , Vicki blames her divorce on reality television; seen 2019 in NYC

She appeared on the RHOC from 2006 until 2019.

‘And that cost Don and I both a lot of money because we had to split assets and alimony and all that stuff,’ she explained.

‘So I paid more to him than he did to me because I had the business. So that’s hurtful and that’s hard.’

Following her divorce with Donn, she dated Brooks Ayers, who she filed a lawsuit against in 2019 accusing him of not paying her back money she loaned him in 2011.

She said on the podcast: ‘Then I got taken for a ride by Brooks and he owes me over $300,000. And then I was in a block of lawsuits.’

The reality star claimed that all of the money related things ‘happened because of the show,’ so its not all good. 

Vicki also claimed that her former castmate Tamra Judge is in a ‘very expensive lawsuit’ because of the Real Housewives show.

On lessons she learned, Vicki said: ‘You got to watch what you say, you got to watch who you surround yourself with and bank everything you make. Do not live off of it. Go get a job and bank your salary because this, this will end for everybody one day. It will end.’ 

Former: ‘And that cost Donn and I both a lot of money because we had to split assets and alimony and all that stuff,’ she explained; pictured with Donn

Vicki, who was an original cast member, left the RHOC show in January 2020 after 14 years.

She left after she was demoted to a reduced role on the show and says she still doesn’t know why: ‘My ego is pretty bruised and I an ego just like the way everybody does because… I never got an explanation, but I was used every, every, every episode, ever drama was centered around me, even my birthday party, look at all the different things that happen, The Tres Amigas and all that fun stuff.’

Vicki thinks she did the right thing: ‘The answer, I think I did the right thing. I was offered a reduced role this year and I said not.’

The TV star also revealed on the podcast that she saved all her money from the Real Housewives of Orange County.

She explained: ‘Through all my years of being on Bravo, I never bought anything news other than new clothes. I didn’t. I mean, I leased my cars through my company. I didn’t buy a new house. I didn’t live beyond my means.’

Vicki added: ‘I paid my taxes, paid my attorneys and banked it. And that’s why I was able to buy a home for cash. And I’m super proud of myself as a single woman to be, you know, having a business and working 15 hours a day and able to balance it as best I can while being on a show.’ 

Vicki is currently engaged to Steve Lodge, but isn’t planning her wedding anytime soon, she told Us Weekly earlier this month.

‘It’s my third marriage, Steve’s fourth, so we’re not going to do wedding [stuff]. But right now, we’re pausing everything. There’s no need to.’

Adding: ‘He’s got his money, I’ve got my money – we don’t need to get married. So, we’ll see what happens. There’s no rush.’ 

Current beau: Vicki is currently engaged to Steve Lodge, but isn’t planning her wedding anytime soon, she told Us Weekly earlier this month

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