Watch Gemma Chan and Kumail Nanjiani Navigate a Tricky Marvel Quiz

When choosing one word to describe the Marvel Comics run of Jack Kirby’s Eternals, perhaps Kumail Nanjiani said it best: “bonkers.” Kirby’s colorful legacy is evident in Marvel’s latest entry into the MCU, Eternals, and we put Kumail and Gemma Chan to the test with a Marvel quiz that spans both the comics and the films.

Why is Kumail’s adorable cat, Bagel, unsuitable for a full day on set? Where do Gemma and fellow Eternals Kit Harington and Richard Madden like to toss back a few pints? How stumped do these two get by several of our tougher questions?

Quite stumped! Watch these two make their way through our challenging quiz and give some behind-the-scenes insight on their incredible, globe-spanning shoot. Catch Eternals when it comes out in theaters on Nov. 5!

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