Who had the most hideous Louis Vuitton look at the Academy Museum gala?

The Academy Museum gala was held this weekend and a shocking number of A-listers flew into LA just for this event. The Oscar season really has begun in earnest now. Some designers treated the gala like some kind of LA-version of the Met Gala. Nicolas Ghesquière was one of those designers – he grabbed all of his new Louis Vuitton looks fresh from the runway and he threw them on every woman he could find. To terrible results. Every person in this post is wearing Louis Vuitton and it’s a comedy of errors.

Let’s start with Alicia Vikander and Emma Stone, two of the biggest LV ambassadors out there. I’ve always hated Emma’s LV ambassadorship, it’s just not a good fit at all. You can make the argument that Alicia is somewhat of a better fit, but Ghesquière gives her some of the worst looks. Making Alicia and Emma pose together just highlights the breadth of bad design, the slouchy, shapeless fit, the overreliance on lace, the asinine ruffles, the f–king tragic leather work. My god. And Nicolas Ghesquière isn’t even a “bad designer.” He’s just doing really weird sh-t at LV, like it’s a contest to see what ugly sh-t women will wear.

Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas are also very ride-or-die for LV, and they’re both brand ambassadors too, I believe. I mean… I hope they’re getting paid for this.

Genuinely feel bad for Alana and Este Haim, they got the worst LV dresses.

Renate Reinsve (the star of The Worst Person in the World, one of my favorite 2021 movies) has been all about LV for a year. She wore LV to the Oscars, she shows up at the LV shows, and this is what they gave her. Ugh. It’s a purse-dress.

HoYeon Jung actually made her LV look a bit fresh and cute. Of course, she got one of the better minidresses, and she styled it with boots. The whole thing looks very ‘90s to me.

Behold, the only “just okay” Louis Vuitton look, on Queen Ava DuVernay. This would be perfect without those giant f–king buttons.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images, Backgrid.

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