A cleaning spray I got at Dollar Tree works like magic – it worked instantly, the grease on my stove just melted away | The Sun

A CONTENT creator has been extolling the virtues of a cleaning spray from Dollar Tree.

She described the degreaser's effectiveness as working like "magic."

It did wonders for her oil-splattered stove with the grease seemingly just melting away.

“Wow, this degreaser works like magic," said Wendy (@wendyseatingshow) as she watched the spray start to work.

Wendy has a huge TikTok following of over 224,000 and another 4.8 million likes.

On her platform, she described herself as having the “mind of a mastermind," then added, "I’m a real Mexicana."

Food features a lot in her posts and that might account for a busy kitchen and a stove used a lot.

In this post, Wendy prepared to give it a deep clean, and her job was made a lot easier with the cleaning spray of choice.

It was the LA Totally Awesome All-Purpose concentrated cleaner from Dollar Tree for $1.25. "Can’t beat that," said Wendy.

“Oh my God, I just started spraying this degreaser and the grease is just melting away," she said breathlessly.

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She was staggered by how well the spray worked: “What? This thing is working instantly. Wow, look at that grease coming off."

Globules of fat appeared to slip away after being sprayed with Dollar Tree's bargain cleaner.

There were many fans of the product among the commenters:

“Yes, it works miracles. Love it," said one.

Another said: “That spray gets used for all sorts of cleaning. Awesome degreaser.”

This person used it for other jobs around the house too: “I’ve been using Awesome for years. It’s good on laundry stains too. I buy it by the gallon jug.”

Finally, this commenter might just give it a go having failed so far to find anything that works: “What? I need to try it [because] everything I try sucks.”

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