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IF you can spot the cat hiding in this tricky optical illusion within 20 seconds, you may have the eyes of a hawk.

The image below had online users at loggerheads with one another – but are you up to the task?

The fiendish feline is said to be hidden among the stack of logs and bends in seamlessly.   

But, viewers have been left stumped as they scan the farmyard – trying to find the furry animal.

Speedy viewers that spotted the furry pet within 20 seconds may be able to claim they have the eyesight of a predator.

The pic was shared on Reddit as users were challenged to find the “clever girl.”

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Many have since given at go and shared their reactions in the comments.

One frustrated user wrote: “Still don’t see the cat,” as another wrote, “I am about to quit.”

A third wrote: “I only see wood.”

While a fourth desperately replied: “You gotta help me, can’t find the cat.”

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For those struggling, you should focus your attention on the bottom right-hand corner of the logs.

And if you are still finding it tricky, you can scroll to the bottom for the answer.

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Across a traditional gingham blanket, you'll find an assortment of picnic must-haves, such as baskets, hamburgers, bread, fruit, cheese, and plate ware.

But there's one item that doesn't quite go along with the rest.

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Additionally, these tricky puzzles challenge you to find the misplaced tools in a busy floral scene, and if you have the chance to be a record holder.

The tricky visual puzzles come from SGS Engineering and reports an average time to of 51 seconds.

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