Chrissy Teigen Is Creating Her Own Robe Collection: 'I'm Taking a Dive Into This World' image

Chrissy Teigen is having fun with fashion!

The Cravings cookbook author, 35, admits that she is "in NO way a designer," but after years of expressing her love for comfortable and colorful robes, she decided to create some of her own.

"Ok before everyone gets mad, I am in NO way a designer! I am so painfully aware of this! I can't draw, my sewing is on par with a life of my mom working at FabricLand, a child who dabbled in making pillows and puppets," Teigen shared on Instagram as she announced her latest endeavor.

Despite her lack of experience in the fashion field, the mom of two finds delight in selecting color schemes, patterns and fabrics for her frocks and says she wants to share her happiness with the world.

"I am finding a lot of joy bringing *intense* color into my life and maybe yours! Robes are so fun – they don't have many rules when it comes to patterns…I appreciate their inability to be caged like myself!" she continued. "Anyhow now that book 3 is done, I'm taking a dive into this world. Please don't tell me I'll never be so and so, I know and I don't want to be!"

Teigen still appears to be in the early stages of launching the line, as she later posted a photo of various printed fabric spread out on the floor while working on designs. "This is super fun," she wrote.

The star has yet to reveal the name of her robe company or if the designs will be available for purchase. However, according to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, Teigen filed a trademark for "Chill by Cravings," which includes goods like robes, sarongs, loungewear and more in Sept. 2020. The star also filed the trademark "Sabai by Chrissy Teigen" in Aug. 2020, with potential goods also listed as robes, cosmetics, skin-care and more.

For now, she's getting a lot of support from her celebrity Instagram followers. "I love your style Chrissy🔥👏❤️," Michelle Pfeiffer commented. Lisa Rinna added, "I am ready for my next Chrissy Robe Dance. ❤️"

"Thank you Mood!" Jesse Tyler Ferguson joked, quoting Tim Gunn's famous line from Project Runway.

When PEOPLE caught up with Teigen's husband John Legend, 42, last year, the musician revealed that his wife isn't the only one in the family with a love for robes.

"Actually, I wear a lot of robes too," Legend said of his go-to outfit during quarantine. "I'm known to wear quite a few robes myself."

"Usually Chrissy will buy me a new robe for every holiday or as a birthday gift or something. My birthday is right around the holidays, so it all kind of melds together," the EGOT-winner continued. "So she usually gets me robes for my birthday. And I love wearing those around the house."

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