Expert reveals genius tips from preserving a bunch of flowers with an aspirin to picking up pet hair with rubber gloves

WHEN it comes to keeping on top of things at home, our busy diaries appreciate anything that saves us time or money.

With this in mind, award winning lifestyle blogger Vicki Psarias shared her genius tips to preserve household items for longer on this morning's Lorraine.


Tired of wilted flowers sitting on the window sill? Vicki has got just the medicine… literally.

She said: “This is amazing. It only works with aspirin though, it doesn’t work with any other painkiller.

“When you get your flowers, I like to cut the stems off. Once you’ve got your flowers in the water, just pop the aspirin in the vase and it fights the flower damaging bacteria and revives the blooms – so you get so much more life out of them."

Pet hair

Next on the agenda was pesky pet hair clinging to materials.

Vicki suggested rubber gloves to remove the stray fluff.

She said: "Get some Marigolds and literally the hair just sticks to them.

"So you just work on your sofas work on your chairs and the hair just sticks to them and then you can wash it straight off the Marigolds."


If your birthday cake proved too much for one sitting, you can always keep it fresh with Vicki's next top tip.

She said: “If you have any cake left, all you need is two pieces of white bread.”

“Literally put the slices into the cut piece of cake and attach it in place with the tooth picks.

“The bread will dry out a bit but it will keep the cake moist.”


Vicki also had a tip for putting the bubble back in your bottle if your Prosecco has lost it's fizz.

She said: "This is a brilliant trick. All you need is a raisin, which you can pop into a semi-flat bottle.

“You literally pop the raisin in and it revives the bubbles.”

Salad leaves

If you want to prevent your salad bag from getting all droopy try popping a sheet of kitchen roll in the bag.

Vicki said: “All you need to do is put a kitchen towel inside the bag and then pop it back into the fridge.

"It will stay fresh for days."

Arts and crafts

If you've made a mess doing summer holiday arts and crafts with the kids, you can use this trick to get things back in order.

Vicki said: "Just get some old tights and pop them on the end of your hoover. When you switch it on sequins are just mopped up and you can lift them off with your hand.

“It’s a really easy way to just scoop up sequins and mess and it means you can have fun with arts and crafts at home and you don’t need to worry about it so much.”



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