Fashion fan shows ingenious hack to transform boots into Dr. Martens dupes in seconds using 80p household item

Dr. Martens boots are a fashion staple for many.

But they don't come cheap – costing around £89 for a pair of black ankle boots.

However, one fashion fan has come up with a brilliant hack to get the DMs look for just a fraction of the price.

The woman took to TikTok to share the clever idea, which saw her take a pair of £18 rubber-soled platforms from Tu at Sainsbury's, and a yellow highlighter pen.

She then used the pen to colour in the white stitching on the soles – giving the appearance of DMs, which famously have yellow stitching.

Once finished, the shoes were a perfect DMs dupe.

After watching the video, viewers took to the comments section to praise the woman for the hack.

"Genius!" one person wrote, while another person commented: "I did not pay £189 for my docs for y'all to be doing this!"

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Others suggested that despite the hack working from a distance, the shoes will not last in the way that DMs do.

"You'll know when they only last 6 months and not 16 years like actual docs do! worth every penny!!!" someone wrote.

"Side of the sole is a big giveaway and they'll probably start to fail yrs before a Marten would," another agreed. "Don't be a cheap-skate; just buy originals.

"entirely respecting the effort… but not totally sure you'll get away with this," another person commented. "They're cute though."

A third person wrote: "I used to work at dr martens and only people who know the shoes really well and the stitching pattern will know but probs nobody else."

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