Hairdresser rescues woman’s hair after horror dye job – and the results are amazing

IT TAKES a lot to impress TikTok – but a hairdresser has managed that with aplomb after she rescued a woman's hair after a dye job went wrong.

In a viral video, Hannah Kelly revealed how a client had walked into her salon sporting bright orange locks.

The hair expert said: "When your client, who left with white scalp bleach hair, comes back with fluorescent tangerine.

"Let's tackle the roots and see if we can remove it…we want to see if we can get back to a white blonde."

Hannah, who has over 86,000 followers on her account, then proceeded to get to work on remedying the situation.

She explained how the colour "didn't want to remove", so she had to "work with" the shade.

My jaw dropped! That colour is beautiful!!

In the end, Hannah toned to "neutralise" the orange, which lifted to a stunning pinky, violet hue.

At the end of the clip – which has been seen 2.5 million times – her client can be seen ruffling her hands through her fresh locks, which looked unrecognisable.

Social media users were left amazed by the results, leaving more than 430,000 'likes'.

One person wrote: "She looks unreal omg."


Another commented: "My jaw dropped! That colour is beautiful!!"

A third shared: "Wow! She looks so good with the pink!"

And a fourth added: "Omg you slayed it."

Hannah previously saved a woman's hair after a bleach job left her mane snapping off.

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