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AFTER many years of perfecting it, you may think you have your cleaning routine done and dusted.

But did you know there’s actually an exact amount of times you should be cleaning everything in your living room?

Home experts from AO.com uploaded a video to their TikTok account where they revealed the to-do list, as they also lifted the lid on some areas we can guarantee everyone is forgetting about altogether. 

In the video titled ‘This is how often you should be cleaning your living room…’, AO, whose profile on social media is @AO, said that while some spaces need lots of attention, others only require cleaning once every so often.

They began with a popular item in most living rooms – the TV stand. 

According to them, that should be dusted once a week to remove dirt that’s built up there.

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Meanwhile, people should be reaching for their vacuum cleaner on a much more regular basis.

The AO experts suggest hoovering the entire room “at least twice per week” or more if you feel it needs it.

Yet, there’s one part of the living room that also needs cleaning that came as a surprise for a lot of people.

The ceiling is often neglected when it comes to the living space, but it should be cleaned “once every other week.”

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However, many people couldn’t believe that the ceiling needed cleaning as often as fortnightly.

After the video was posted on AO’s Instagram profile, many of their 80,900 followers took to the comments to have their say.

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One said: “The ceiling bit is a joke, right” alongside a string of laughing crying emojis.

Another added: “Best hoover the ceiling daily, all them crumbs from food.” 

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