How often should you shower – and do baths really get you clean? Our expert reveals all

IT'S a question you may have often pondered, but never dared ask your pals – just how often SHOULD you shower?

Depending on your hair and skin type, you may believe that having a good hose down at least once day is best  – or worst – for your skin if it’s particularly sensitive.

To answer the question, how often should you shower, the quick answer would be it depends on your lifestyle.

But don’t worry, we’ve spoken to the experts to answer how many times you should shower as well as rounded up the best tips for effective washing. 

While we can also warn you of the things people are doing wrong…


Joyce French, cleaning expert at HomeHow, said a lot of people are actually showering too much without realising. 

In fact, it can actually be doing more damage than good. 

She said: “The majority of people shower once or twice a day, however, this can actually be damaging to the skin. 

“This is because regular showering can cause excess irritation from soap and water, as this can remove the skin’s protective layer – resulting in dry, flaky and itchy skin.

“Therefore, you should try to shower every other day unless you work in an environment where you are exposed to hazardous chemicals.”

Expert Joyce added that personal trainers and athletes may also need to shower daily, as they tend to perspire more.


Cleaning Expert Joyce said there’s a number of things people can do in the shower to ensure they’re washing effectively. 

She rounded up her top tips and insisted choosing the right soap and using your hands – is crucial.


One of the most important things you need to consider when washing is the soap you use, revealed Joyce. 

The cleaning expert said choosing the right soap is crucial for effective washing.

But the choice really depends on each individual. 

She said: “For instance, if you have dry or sensitive skin, you should use a mild soap product that does not irritate the skin.

“Regardless of what skin type you have, you should try to use fragrance-free body wash or soap, as this will offer an effective clean without the risk of irritation.”


Another important tip to ensure effective washing is a more unusual one. 

Joyce said we should use our hands to wash – as this will help us avoid infections. 

The expert commented: “Instead of using a loofah or a washcloth, you should just use your hands, as  loofahs and washcloths hold onto germs and bacteria. 

“This can actually prevent you from washing yourself properly and can also slightly increase the risk of infection.”


The cleaning expert from HomeHow also answered the burning question of whether baths really do get you clean. 

And quite simply, the answer is no! 

But there are ways around it so you can still enjoy the luxury of soaking in a tub. 

Joyce said: “Having a bath may be more relaxing, however, it does not offer the same level of cleanliness as a shower does, as you are essentially sitting in your own dirt. 

“Therefore, if you want to feel completely clean but enjoy the relaxation of a bath, you should have a quick rinse in the shower before bathing.”

Meanwhile, water softener expert at Harvey Water Softeners, Jose Sanchez-Noya, said there’s ways to ensure your relaxing bubble bath is bubbly enough.

But it all comes down to the water.

Expert Jose said: “If you’re hoping to have a relaxing bubble bath, you may find it difficult to get any bubbles when preparing your bath, or maintain them once you get in if you live in a hard water area! 

“Instead of mountains of fluffy bubbles, you may just be left with a sad looking layer on the top of your bath water. 

“This is because hard water contains higher levels of calcium and magnesium, these minerals prevent bubble bath from foaming and can prevent you from having the perfect bath time experience. 

“You may also find that you use double the amount of shower gel and shampoo to get enough coverage across your body and hair. 

“Those with softer water will use less products and get more of a lather, cleaning much more efficiently in the shower and enjoying the benefits of softer skin and hair. 

“Remember, the harder the water, the harder it is to get the perfect bubbles!”

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