I asked my best friend to wear a bra before meeting my grabby six-month-old baby but she told me I was a 'misogynist'

A NEW mum asked her friend to wear a bra when visiting her baby as he tended to grab on to nipples but was accused of being a "misogynist".

The woman explained that she wanted to protect her friend from harm as she had an intimate piercing so it could be very painful.

But the friend was offended by the suggestion and said she was "sexualising her breasts".

Taking to Reddit the mum said: "I have a six-month-old, and just started allowing visitors.

"My best friend came to visit and I texted her suggesting she wear a bra or a thick shirt if she plans to hold my son because he grabs nipples, very hard and my friend has hers pierced and has told me they’re super sensitive.

"I explained this to her and she ignored my messages but she came over anyway , nipples poking through shirt and my 6 month old was staring hands ready.

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"I offered to give her a sweater and she looked at me sideways and suggested I was sexualising her breasts and she isn’t covering up.

"I explained that wasn’t the case but she didn’t want to hear me, I respected her decision and asked if she still wants to hold the baby.

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"She grabbed my son from me and within five minutes he had a death grip on her nipples and she jumped up screamed in pain and pulled him off of her.

"I said 'that’s why I suggested a bra' this made her even more mad and said: 'No you suggested that because you’re a misogynist.'

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"I was so confused and she left abruptly. She keeps telling our mutual friends that I was sexualising her breasts and was trying to make her wear a bra or that I wouldn’t welcome her but that isn’t at all what happened."

The upset mum added: "In the midst of our arguing she suggested that I should teach my son to not grab nipples but he is just a baby."

Fellow Redditors were quick to jump in with their opinions.

One person said: "You explained why you’re suggesting that so it should be clear it has nothing to do with sex, and she’s the only one sexualising the situation. She sounds like a drama queen."

While another said: "It is fully impossible to 'teach' a six month old anything.

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"My baby used to yank women's shirts down trying to get to the boobs. I warned people what would happen, some decided not to hold him – that was fine."

And a third said: "Bringing up the fact that my child may look to your breasts for nourishment and may grab hold is the opposite of sexualization. Yikes. I wouldn’t be able to deal with that."

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