I bought an at-home tattoo kit to give me freckles – safe to say I won't be using it again | The Sun

IT was one of the hottest trends of the summer – people using sprays to give themselves faux freckles.

But one man decided to try a permanent way of adding some freckles to his complexion, and bought a kit from Amazon to give it a try.

Kyle Thomas took to TikTok to document the process, admitting he wanted to look like the popular freckle filter – demonstrating how it looked on his face at the beginning of the video.

"So today I’m trying to give myself and Stick and Poke on my face," he said.

"I ordered the Stick and Poke tattoo kit on Amazon and I do not recommend this at all."

After around "an hour" of mixing tattoo colours, he got a colour he was happy with, and started the process of trying to ink them on his face.

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"I did change the colour but hopefully it all blends in well," he said halfway through.

"They don’t look like the filter, but they look good so far.

"I’m not sure what to do about this side, because this side looks good and this one doesn’t."

Concluding, he said: "This is all I’m going to do for now because I don’t know if this is going to turn out good or not but I’m going to give you guys an update when I wash it."

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A subsequent video showed Kyle washing off the dye, and using a face wash to get rid of the last remnants.

But he was left more than a little disappointed with the results, replying in a comment to someone: "Only like 2 of them worked – should I try again?"

However, numerous people in the comments section said that Kyle hadn't pushed the needle in far enough.

"You didn't press the needle in deep enough but you look good without them and overall don't recommend," one wrote.

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"I think you need to push the needle in more and maybe a bit darker colour since it fades," another added.

"that's because it needs to into your skin quite deep. don't do it again," a third commented.

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