I bought my dog off Craigslist – I thought he was a small white puppy – but he wasn't a household pet at all | The Sun

A DOG owner has revealed that the household pup they bought off of Craigslist wasn't the kind of pet they expected.

They took to social media to explain that the small white puppy was actually a wild animal.

"I thought I adopted a smol white pup…" TikToker Fariha Ahmed (@princessfarihaahmed) wrote in the caption for her recent video.

The cute fluffy dog could be seen hanging outside of a shopping cart in the clip as Fariha pushed him around.

In a quick transition, the pup was shown now fully grown, and the influencer confessed that he is, in reality, a wolf-dog.

"Turns out he's a Wolf Dog," Fariha wrote in a caption.

The pet owner wasn't aware of her pup's true bloodline until after she bought him from a site that isn't typically known for pet sales.

"Thts what I get for buying him off Craigslist," she wrote.

It's unclear how much Fariha paid for the wolf pup or where it came from, but rules about owning them differ from state to state and county to county, per Living Tiny With a Wolf.

The site notes that no federal laws technically regulate owning wolf dogs, but several dates have declared it illegal.

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This could put owners like Fariha at risk.

Wyoming, Illinois, New York, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts, and Connecticut have all banned wolf dogs as domestic pets, according to Living Tiny With a Wolf.

Others have regulations and restrictions, and some states have listed wolf-dog ownership as entirely legal.

Either way, it hasn't stopped pet lovers like Fariha from taking the wolf pups in.

As The U.S. Sun previously reported, a pup in California was taken in by a local shelter wandering around in Los Angeles in a makeshift collar but turned out to be a wolf-dog.

Staff at the shelter quickly noticed that the pup, named "New Boy" was a wolf-dog, per The Dodo.

They then passed him on to Michelle Proulx, the director of animal care at W.O.L.F. Sanctuary, located in Colorado.

The sanctuary cares for wolf pups and nurses them back to health if they are injured.

One wolf-pup was injured after falling into an icy river in Estonia when a construction worker and his friends rescued it.

They wrapped the animal in a towel and removed the ice that had gotten in its fur.

The men thought they had saved a dog at first, but they started to question themselves.

A hunter later told the men that they had saved a wolf.

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