I didn't want a bog-standard house so turned it into Barbie's Dreamhouse – the expression on people’s faces is priceless | The Sun

AS KIDS, some of us might have dreamed of living in Barbie’s bright pink and purple Dreamhouse. 

But one interior design fan has actually made that a reality, covering her entire home in shades of rose, fuschia, and lilac. 

Now people are rushing to praise Kate Morgan for her unique idea – and ask how they can recreate it for themselves. 

Sharing a glimpse inside her eclectic home, Kate, said: “The face expressions I get from people when I open my front door is priceless.”

During the six-second TikTok reel, Kate shares a glimpse inside her colourful home, starting with her lemon-yellow front door. 

Next up is her hallway, the walls painted in a bright baby pink, and the skirting boards are a few shades darker. 


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And while her staircase is painted in a bright white, Kate’s still injected her personality by covering the risers with a selection of pink and purple flower stickers. 

On the wall above them, the interior design fan has created a gallery wall, with each pink-toned picture hanging in a baby pink frame. 

Elsewhere in her home, the pink theme continued, with faux rose-coloured flowers and a fuschia lampshade decorating her hallway. 

Although to break it up, Kate has stuck to the lemon-yellow doors throughout. 

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There also appear to be pink accessories in each room, with bright pink lampshades, signs, and candles at every turn. 

The reveal attracted plenty of attention online, with the tour gaining more than 694,700 likes and 5.1 million views. 

Known online as @kate_rose_morgan, Kate regularly shares interior design inspiration and DIY tips with her 252,100 followers. 

In the comments, TikTokkers shared their reactions, with many comparing it to Barbie’s dreamhouse. 

One wrote: “This must be what my barbie’s felt like when they came home to their barbie dreamhouse.”

“THIS IS MY DEFINITION OF GRAND. I LOVE IT,” commented another. 

A third added: “Reminds me of those old barbie games.”

Someone else shared: “My dream pink home omg!!!!!”

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