I don’t have the biggest bum but here’s how I create killer curves that looks like I have a BBL WITHOUT the surgery | The Sun

ALTHOUGH some are saying we’re close to the end of BBL culture many women still idiolise the hourglass shape figure.

And just because some women aren’t booking Brazilian butt lift surgery, doesn’t mean they don’t want to achieve a curvy look.

Julissa is a fashion fan who is obsessed with the BBL look.

In a recent video she shared what she uses to achieve a fuller figure without getting surgery.

She said:  “If there’s one thing I am good at, it's fooling people into thinking that I got surgery done, that I got a BBL done.”

Julissa said: “I will have you and your family fooled. I’m gonna show you how I do it.”

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Julissa showed her body without a faja.

She said: “This is what my body looks like okay. I’ve got a little banista (stomach pouch) going on here. I got some hips, they’re not super huge but they’re like you know average size hips.”

Then Julissa showed her natural body for the back 

She said: “Here’s my booty it’s not like super huge you know. This is what we’re working with.”

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Julissa said: “Now my secret weapon to make people think I got surgey is shapewear. I am the faja queen. If you wanna know how to look snatch using shapewear girl you came to the right place.

Julissa uses the popilush shapewear for women tummy control seamless latex firm triple fajas.

This is selling for £55 on Amazon.

Julissa said: “This faja snatches your waist and lifts your butt.”

Julissa showed the difference in her figure with the faja on.

She said: “Here’s the faja on and you can already see the waist is cinched, there is mesh on the side of the hips so that way they are accentuated and not smashed and there's mesh on the booty to give it a nice lift.”

Then Julissa showed the faja underneath a dress.

She said: “She’s giving BBL. It’s giving whose your doctor? My doctor is Dr Faja. Has me snatched everytime.”

Julissa's video gained over 767,000 views.

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One commenter said: “ Lol but that’s still not fair you got the basic shapes going lol I’m shaped like a cardboard box no faja is gonna shape that.”

Another commenter said: “Dr. Faja would actually make a good brand name for shape wear.”

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