I dress my son in second-hand clothes, use free nappies &  samples of formula – babies don't have to be expensive

THE expenses associated with having a child have long been bemoaned by parents.

But one mum has insisted that raising a baby doesn't have to cost a lot, as she's figured out how to save money at every turn.

The mum, Sarah, took to TikTok to share a video of the "things in our low-cost baby home that just make sense".

She started by revealing that "99 per cent" of her son's clothes are second-hand, before adding that the majority of his toys are also preloved.

Sarah also makes the most of "free diapers from Facebook groups", and "samples of formula".

"Babies don't have to be expensive!" she captioned the video.

She was quickly praised by others for "normalising" being a thrifty mum.

"This needs to be normalised," one mum wrote. "I also love to thrift her clothes since she outgrows them so fast."

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"Same here," another agreed. "I love the thrift store by my house – rich people donate brand new clothes and I pay like 25 cents for it. Can't beat that price lol."

"Just because you don't have brand new everything & all kyte baby clothes doesn’t mean you cant afford a baby," another mum wrote.

Someone else commented: "Same except I leave the diapers on free group for moms who are in serious need. I can afford diapers."

To which Sarah replied: "Thanks for commenting this! It’s important. I usually trade for diapers & give away excess.

"But I’m keeping this in mind from now on."

And another mum wrote: "Yes!! Why spend the extra money when you can save it instead?"

With Sarah responding: "Exactly! His college savings is more important to me than baby fashion haha."

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