I forked out for pink Shein boots for a night out & they didn’t last the evening – I ended up looking like a Barbie elf | The Sun

FAST fashion and cheap products come at a price – and unfortunately, one fashionista learnt this the hard way.

Due to its low prices and relatively speedy delivery, the fast fashion giant, Shein, has become a go-to for many seeking trendy garments and accessories without forking out a fortune.

Although there have been countless customer wins, such as their £18 trousers that are perfect for petite women, not everyone's had the best experience with the China-based retailer.

Using low-quality materials and underpaid labour, Shein's products are often know to lose their shape and colour, and nobody knows this better than Hannah Foley, 23.

The nightclub hostess, who also works at Ryanair, was on a night-out rocking a figure-hugging minidress and a pair of pink Shein heeled boots when suddenly both of them snapped off.

Left in hysterics, Hannah shared the hilarious incident on TikTok, where it's gone viral.

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At the start of the video, the 23-year-old could be seen posing in her outfit for the night… before things went horribly wrong.

After both heels had snapped off her knee-high boots, Hannah rushed to the toilet, revealing the tragic aftermath.

With the pointy toes now in an upwards angle, the stunner said she was left looking like an elf.

With more than 910k views in just one day, the clip has taken the social media platform by storm, leaving TikTok users in hysterics.

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One person chuckled: ''What I’m the Rumplestilskin.''

Someone else joked: ''it's giving Barbie Elf.''

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''Paint em green and you have some Christmas elf shoes,'' a person suggested.

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It's not the first time the brand has been slammed for its poor quality products – a few months ago, one shopper found her ''new'' shoes to be covered in human hair and completely ruined.

Abi took to TikTok to complain after receiving the shoes, which were broken and covered in someone else's hair.

"Literally just opened these," Abi wrote over the clip.

"WTF are you playing at Shein? How did you ever let these through quality control?"

As well as the soles being more than a little worn, the straps at the front had broken – rendering them unwearable.

"Not only have they clearly been WELL worn, they’re literally broken and unwearable," she added.

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Abi also wrote in the caption: "Literally thick brown hairs all over too.

"What scum even returned these in that state? Vile."

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