I go from a 5 to a 10 when I wear a bathing suit – but some say the scale needs to go higher for me | The Sun

ONE woman showed a before and after video of her wearing a swimsuit and people were eager to comment on her beauty.

Anna Huntt shares scandalous content across her social media accounts and has found that men rank her attractiveness higher when she’s wearing less clothing.

Anna posted a video following a TikTok trend where people share what they’ve heard about their appearance.

Whether it be a true statement or merely to stir the pot, she gained hundreds of compliments in return.

In the video, Anna wrote: “I heard I go from a 5 to a 10 in a swimsuit…”

The platinum blonde OnlyFans model first wore a black satin robe, which she held closed in the front.

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Then after a portion of the viral song “FML” from Arizona Zervas played, the video transitioned.

Anna popped up without the robe on and in a bright pink one-piece bathing suit instead.

The wide, plunging wide neckline reached her belly button and showed off her prominent cleavage.

The revealing swimsuit also had ultra high-rise leg cutouts, accentuating her curves.

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Anna smiled in her updated look and captioned the video: “What do you think?”

Men flocked to the video’s comments section to share their verdict.

“More like a 10 to a 20!” one wrote, while another amped up the scale, saying: “No you go from 10 to 100.”

“Who has ever said you a 5? No way lies,” another man wrote, shocked that anyone could think that Anna wasn't very attractive.

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Others continued complimenting her beauty and figure, with one saying: “You are a 10 with or without the swimsuit. Forget about that 5 nonsense.”

“If your a five, that puts most of us at 1-2,” someone else joked.

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