I got a lip flip and now I can’t close my mouth… my smile looks great though so it’s OK | The Sun

THERE are endless amounts of procedures you can get on your lips these days. 

But some do come with unexpected side effects. 

One woman has shared a video online showing how her lip flip left her with a beak looking mouth. 

She said: “Get a lip flip they said..”

Lis said: “I got a lip flip and I can’t close my mouth.”

She said: “I look like a bird, I honestly can’t close it.”

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She said: “It looks nice when I smile though.”

A lip flip is a nonsurgical procedure that makes your lips appear fuller. 

You get botulinum toxin injected into the corners of your mouth (oral commissures) and the edges of your lips (vermillion border).

A lip flip is usually considered the most natural option but it can take a bit of time for your lips to fully develop. 

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Lis’ video gained over 457,000 views. 

Many viewers were rolling with laughter. 

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One commenter said: “It's giving Sarah Paulson.”

Another commenter said: “I'd cry instantly.”

Surprisingly Lis’ comments section was full of viewers saying they had the same problem. 

One said: “So Funny. I got a lip flip and can no longer drink through a straw but I am loving my smile so totally worth it!”

Another commenter said: “The same thing happened to me. I called mine a “beak”. But it does fade!!!”

Lis even shared a follow up video. 

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She said: “Update: it’s getting worse.”

In the video she is seen struggling to drink through a straw. 

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