I got professionally fitted for a bra at the first time at 31 – I found out I was a D-cup but swore down I was a B | The Sun

A CONTENT producer has been left feeling stunned after discovering she's been wearing the wrong size bra all her adult life.

After getting professionally fitted for the first time at 31, she suddenly went up two cup sizes.

Believing forever that she was a B-cup, she learned she was in fact a generous D.

It was, said Karsen (@karsen.murray) with passion, "life-changing."

The copywriter and podcast host asked her followers: “Anyone else wear the wrong size your whole life or are you normal?"

It was only by chance that she decided to get measured after her sister announced her intention to do so.

So Karsen tagged along, assuming that she was already wearing the right bra size for her shape.

“I got professionally fitted for a bra for the first time in my life at Nordstrom," she said.

“I’m 31 and it has changed my life."

After being measured, the assistant made a remark that shocked Karsen.

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“She said okay, I’ll bring you a D. I was like, no. I’ve been a B my whole life."

But this lady knew a lot better than Karsen did: “She said, 'Trust me.' She comes back, I put it on and it fits like a glove."

Her astonishment was clear in her video: “Like I’ve been wearing the wrong bra size my whole life."

She urged other women to also get measured by a professional – it would be worth it.

"I didn’t know it wasn’t about the fullness, in fact, the width of your boobs is your cup size.

"Getting professionally fitted is mandatory at this point," she stressed.

Commenters agreed with her.

“It’s life-changing," said one person.

While another wrote: “Yes. Been C forever and my husband of all people told me to go for it and I’m a D.”

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