I have 32JJ boobs and bought a TikTok viral jumpsuit in size XL – I loved it but might need to change my bra | The Sun

A BUSTY fashionista has shared her Holy Grail of TikTok viral jumpsuits.

She bought it in a size XL, saying she loved it but may need to change her bra.

Chloe (@fullerbustinspo) filmed her new purchase in a video on TikTok.

"So I am now officially a TikTok shop girly. The first thing I've bought, absolutely banging it, is the jumpsuit," she said.

"You know which one I'm talking about. I've got a size XL and I'm dress size 16, bra size 32 JJ.

I always get skeptical as to whether these things are actually good, but this jumpsuit is good," she added.

She struck several poses in the look, clearly loving the way she looked.

"OK I get the hype," she added. "I could live in this jumpsuit, needs a black bra though? Or do I try it without?"

The video drew in many viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"Chloe, I have been waiting to try this because I was hesitant about the top area but it looks like such a good fit," one wrote.

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"Such a good fit," Chloe replied. "Definitely get it, not sure about the bust room in the bodysuits, though."

"When/where would you wear it? New mom and not a clue how to dress anymore," another added.

"I’ve worn as loungewear and also out with trainers and a hoodie. Although I’d actually wear this just on its own a checked shirt would look cool," Chloe wrote back.

"I need this jumpsuit," a third commented. "You look incredible."

"I love it," Chloe responded. "Totally get the hype, been wearing it the last two days."

"I’m the same size as you and I got a large and it fits perfectly, you definitely need a size down girl," one more commented.

"I agree," Chloe said. "I could definitely size down."

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