I let my five-year-old daughter bleach her hair, trolls say I’ve ruined her hair but I don’t care she’s happy | The Sun

A MUM has sparked controversy online after letting her five-year-old daughter get her hair bleached.

Demi Lucy May, from Utah, US, took her daughter, Maude, to the hair salon to get it bleached and then dyed pink at her daughter's request.

But not everyone was convinced it was a good idea, with some claiming Demi had ruined her hair.

Taking to TikTok, Demi said: "My daughter asked if she could bleach her hair so she could put pink in it."

So the pair headed to the hairdressers to do just that.

She revealed her daughter skipped school so she could come to Demi's hair appointment and she got hers done too.


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Demi added her daughter felt so grown up by getting her done and sitting in the salon chair and was thrilled to see her hair so blonde.

She captioned the post: "Here’s your sign to say “yes” more, pure joy!"

The video has since gone viral with over five million views and received a mixed response from people online.

Some said it was a great idea and a memory Maude will always remember, but others warned the bleach would damage her hair.

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One wrote: "This is precious. She’ll remember this forever."

Another commented: "Life is so short and this is so fun. This is for sure a core memory for her."

"She was so full of joy and it’s a precious memory you’ll both have, absolutely beautiful," a third praised.

A fourth quipped: "Absolutely not. There are safe dyes to make it pink, bleaching it was a hard no."

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Meanwhile, a fifth added: "There is a wash in shampoo that will make your hair pink. I used it on my daughter during this fun stage where it doesn’t ruin the hair like bleach."

"Am I the only one who doesn't care about the hair dying, but the fact that she missed school for it," another person wrote.

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