I love my baby's name but people say it reminds them of a pooper scooper – now it's ruined for me | The Sun

A WORRIED dad has been having serious second thoughts about his baby's name.

He said he loved it but since telling other people, they have told him it reminds them of something unpleasant.

That, he said, had totally ruined it for him, and took his distress to Reddit for some reassurance.

He was fortunate because he got plenty of that, but some comments will not have assuaged his darkest fears.

This soon-to-be dad explained his dilemma and revealed the name in question.

"My wife and I are due in October and fell in love with the name Cooper."

So far so good, but the couple then decided to share the name with family and that's when the rot set in.

"Someone said 'Cooper the Pooper scooper.' It's stuck with me ever since," he wrote.

Since then he has been unable to shake off the dog mess associations.

"I've told my wife the name is ruined now and it's got so much potential to get picked on for Cooper the Pooper."

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So he posed a question to Redditors: "Do you think this is a valid concern and we should look for other names?

"I just don't want 'Pooper' or 'Pooper Scooper' being connected to the poor kid."

Commenters were mostly kind and thoughtful, but some couldn't help but share their negative associations with the name.

"We had a kid in our elementary class who was named Cooper and even the teacher called him this on occasion."

But it got worse: "He was called that so much, that every time I hear the name now I always associate it with that kid."

Another commenter admitted they were no fan: "It’s not my favorite. And I don’t think it travels well from kid to adult," they said.

This viewer could not help but admire it: "Cooper the Pooper Scooper, what a nickname LOL."

But thankfully for this dad, there were enough fans of the name to give him some hope.

"I really like the name Cooper, and honestly any name under the sun will have some bullying potential, so it's pretty hard to avoid it," was the reasonable response of this man.

There was another positive reaction from this Redditor. "Honestly never in a million years would I associate Cooper with that! It’s a great name so I say if you love it stick with it."

Finally, this person had a family relative sharing the same name.

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"My younger cousin has the name Cooper. Obviously, as kids would jokingly call him names like that.

"But he has grown into such a good and go-lucky personality that his name just fits him perfectly and he doesn’t get teased about his name ever."

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