I made a pact I would marry my pal if we didn’t find anyone by 30 – now we’re on baby number five | The Sun

HOOKING up with a best friend will only go one of two ways.

Morgen Marie, from the US, decided to take the risk and hasn't looked back since.

Taking to social media, the red-head beauty revealed that she and her husband only got together because they made a pact when they were friends.

"Dance if you made a pact 10 years ago to marry each other if you didn't find someone by 30," she wrote.

The couple then began showing off their best moves as they recorded themselves.

Now, Morgen and her partner, stuck to their oath and are married with four children.


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"We posted this 2 years ago and now were having baby #5," she captioned the post.

Despite now being happily married with baby number five on the way, some cruel trolls insisted their love was fake.

"So it’s fake love basically," remarked one.

But Morgen wasn't having it, in the comments she revealed that they would only joke about the pact, and fell in love long before they got to 30.

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"No? It’s a joke. It’s real love," she replied.

Now 29, the mum said: "Except we did actually fall in love so the family was built off love not a pact, it was kinda a joke in the beginning."

The clip posted to Morgen's TikTok account @itsmorgenmarie has since gone viral with over 1.4million views and over 70k likes.

People were quick to share their thought sin the comments section of the post, and many claimed they had made a similar pact.

One person wrote: "We did That too and forgot until we got married."

Another commented: "It's normally the ones who become friends making silly jokes that become the best partners."

"Haha me and my now husband," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Wait, you did that ? I totally missed this story!"

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