I managed to save over £2k on a set of 'veneers' – people can't tell they are fake and everyone thinks they're my teeth

THESE days scrolling through social media may often lead you to many posts of people getting veneers done. 

But the process isn't for the faint hearted as not only is it expensive but it will leave your natural teeth completely filed down.

The procedure, which can cost up to a whopping £10k, can last around 10 years but will take up to 14 days to complete.

However, one woman, who goes by the name of skylataylor on TikTok, has discovered just the trick which saved her thousands of pounds on her teeth. 

She captioned the video: “Finessing life.” 

And in the video she films herself revealing her new set of teeth. 


With subtitles on the video, she wrote: “When there’s people who paid 3k for toothpick teeth and you got clip-ins for £400.”

In the comments section, Skyla claims she bought her clip-ins from instasmile.com.

Many other social media users flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

One said: “I have clips in…I absolutely love them.”

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Another added: “Literally I dunno (SIC) why people paying for real ones. Clipin’s all the way.”

A third simply stated: “There stunn (SIC)”

Skyla also got many questions about how they work as well. 

One said: “Would you highly recommend them? They don’t look too big and bulky.”

To which Skyla replied: “Ye (SIC) I like them there, not bulky but my natural teeth are quite small. People either thinks there mine or I’ve got veneers so that just shows.”

Whilst another person added: “Hold up:I’m hella confused …easily done like, but a) they look really good… b) you literally just order them and clip them on?”

However, speaking from personal experience one social media user shared what happened to her in the comments section.

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They wrote: “Paid £500 for clip ins & and binning them. Looked like I had Bigger teeth than my horse

“I’ve seen some bad ones, my natural teeth are quite small so might be why I get away with it.”

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