I named my daughter after my best friend – now she’s confessed she hates it, I’m really stressed

FROM books to social media forums, parents turn to all differentsources in a bid to find inspiration for baby names.

But one US-based woman named Amanda, looked a little closer to home, and decided to name her daughter after her best friend.

Taking to Reddit, the upset mum explained how she settled on the moniker, Serenity Blair – much to her now six-year-old daughter's dismay.

"Well, you’ll probably laugh when I say this but she’s only 6," she penned. "But I am worried if I did a bad job naming her after all."

She continued: "My name is Amanda (I go by Mandy) so my parents gave me this super popular, on top of the charts name.

"I do have a Turkish middle name which kind of saves it (I’m half Turkish) but it’s also not really unique."


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"I didn’t really like Amanda when I was a kid too so I got worried when my daughter told me she didn’t like her name."

Amanda went on to reveal how she named her daughter Serenity Blair – the latter being her best friend's name who she's named after.


Addressing forum users, she asked: "Do you think either one of Serenity or Blair is bad? Let me know."

And people didn't hold back when it came to expressing their opinions on the matter.

"It's really not my style, but there's nothing inherently wrong with it," wrote one. "It flows well and it's not spelled weirdly."

A second commented: "Blair is fine, but Serenity was…a choice."

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A third added: "At the end of the day whether someone likes a name or not is highly subjective."

"There is no guarantee your kid will like the name you choose but that doesn't mean it's a bad name, it's just their personal opinion and preference."

Elsewhere, a further penned: "Honestly, I don’t think serenity is great as a name but she’s 6 and lots of kids go through a phase where they don’t like their name."

Another suggested: "I'd ask her why she doesn't like it. It might not be as simple as her thinking it's just a bad."

Amanda replied: "She apparently doesn’t like names like Serenity, Jenny, Kelly, Sophie (you get the idea).

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She’s been introducing herself as Serena Blair lately and people always think it’s because of Gossip Girl.

Although I did name her Serenity because of Firefly…"

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