I only had enough cash for milk but I got my whole food shop for FREE via a clever trick… it’s been a lifesaver | The Sun

AFTER being left worried over how she would be able to afford an entire food shop, one woman found a clever way to get it all for free.

Taking to social media, the woman explained that she could also really afford milk and essentials this week, leaving her in a tight corner. 

But then she found a little known app that makes shopping much easier as you don’t have to spend a single penny. 

Posting a photo of the food she bagged in her kitchen, viewers could see several loaves of bread, croissants, burger buns, crumpets, cupcakes and more. 

She then wrote an explanation of how she did it in the caption as she shared: “Olio bargain! All free! 

“2 stops to 2 houses. One of which just gave me loads of extra stuff including 2 packs of potato’s which I had put away! 

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“I got cupcakes, donuts, crumpets, burger buns, a cheese bloomer, pan au chocolates, seeded loaf bread, sour Dough bread, hot cross buns, 2 lots of different croissants, and 2 fresh mascarpone and something pasta sauces that went in the freezer as well as the potatoes.”

Olio is an app for “sharing by giving away, getting, borrowing or lending things in your community for free”.

It’s aim is to reduce household and food waste. 

Writing in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group Facebook page, she continued: “I couldn’t afford a proper food shop this week apart from milk and other essentials.

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“so this has really helped us out for the week for lunches work/ preschool snacks and a few bits for tea in the week.” followed by a smiling face emoji. 

People were left impressed with the bargain and flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

“I’ve never heard of it,” one person said, while another person questioned what the app was. 

Another shared: “It’s great that it isn’t going to waste and it’s great that you are benefitting from it, but our country shouldn’t be like this.” 

A fourth posted: “Love Olio, we donated loads, food, meals and household things, great way to avoid waste”.

While a fifth added: “Got some bits myself today. Also a food waste hero. Cooking more as well. Times are tough but this help really makes a difference.” 

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