I only wash my clothes if they smell or are visibly dirty, some have never even been washed – people say it’s disgusting

WE ARE all guilty of doing some pretty gross things – but that doesn't mean were going to confess to them on the internet.

But one woman has given herself the challenge of doing just that on her TikTok account, June Awakening.

June, from the US, recently revealed that she barely washes her clothes and some people were disgusted by the confession.

She explained how it didn't make sense for her to wash something that wasn't dirty – and would only wash items if they smelt or were visibly dirty.

For clothing items that have a small stain, she simply spot cleans them and then steams the clothes – which she claimed instantly refreshed the piece.

June even confessed that some of her clothes have never even been in the washing machine, as they don't need to be cleaned.


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While it's true that items such as jeans don't necessarily have to be washed every time you wear them, some viewers were left feeling uncomfortable over Jane's confession.

One wrote: "We can’t smell ourselves the same as others around us do. For that reason alone I never wear any piece of clothing more than once before washing."

"That's so disgusting," another commented.

A third said: "I literally cannot put on clothes that have been worn already. It makes my skin crawl. Sensory issues."

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However, there were plenty of users who agreed with Jane, with many claiming it will make your clothes last longer.

"Depends what the article of clothing is for me… underwear is single wear for obvious reasons. Jeans, sweaters, maybe 3-4 wears. Tops 1-2 max," commented one.

June agreed, writing: "Definitely. Underwear, workout clothes, socks and pajamas def get washed daily."

Another said: "Freezer removes odors/kill bacteria!! When I worked in retail we used to tell customers to freeze their jeans instead of washing them."

A third wrote: "It ruins clothes so much I remember I had a brand new black top and my mom washed it after one wear and it came out faded."

"Y'all can drop the act. Let's stop pretending we're all queens of hygiene it's okay to be a lil crusty sometimes," another user added.

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