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A SCOTS woman has revealed how she managed to transform her "dull and tired" bathroom for just £140 – after professionals quoted her £6,000.

Alice Fleming, 28, was unhappy with the outdated colour scheme in her bathroom, and felt like the old grouting was an eyesore.

The pregnant mum-of-one also wanted to refresh the flooring, but renovators said they would need to tear out the whole bathroom to change the tiles.

Professionals said the cost of the bathroom refurb Alice wanted was £6,000, which was out of her budget.

So the Midlothian mum joined DIY Facebook groups for tips on how to freshen up the bathroom herself.

She spoke about her experience to  LatestDeals.co.uk, saying: "We have been in our house for four years now and never liked the bathroom. I didn’t like the colours, and the room generally looked dull and tired.

"We had previously looked at getting our bathroom done professionally. It would have cost us at least £6,000 and we just couldn’t afford that.

"Over time the bathroom kept bothering me so I started thinking about how I could freshen the space up without spending thousands of pounds.

"I am a member of a few DIY groups on Facebook and I had seen other people using Frenchic paint to decorate their kitchens.

"I thought – why not my bathroom? So I went online and browsed through all the different colours. I also looked at posts others had made on the DIY forums and liked the makeovers where people had gone with two colours. I decided I wanted to do the same."

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The savvy support worker found a low cost alternative for all of the changes she wanted to make, deciding to repaint the walls with her husband and put down vinyl on the bathroom floor that would match the new colour scheme.

She shared: "It was important for me that I brightened up the bathroom so it became more of an inviting space. I ordered 3 tins of paint for £72.

"I also wanted to improve the look of the grouting without retiling the whole space. So I picked up a £3 grout pen.

"The floor was the other big change with this room. I wanted to lay down vinyl which matched the new colour scheme and so we went to B&Q and picked it out. I got a style called Rome. In total it cost £65 which I think is a great price compared to getting the floor done professionally."

For just £140, Alice and her hubby were able to revamp the bathroom themselves, and she is delighted with the result.

Over two days they cleaned the room with sugar soap, lightly sanded the tiles, and repainted the walls.

Alice went over the room with the grout pen while her husband fitted the vinyl, and the pair tried to keep their 2-year-old from getting too involved in the new repairs.

Now the bathroom is her favourite room in the house.

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Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, said: "By thinking outside the box and using budget-friendly supplies, Alice has achieved a stunning makeover at a fraction of the cost.

"Her story is an inspiration to others who may feel discouraged by hefty price tags for home improvements."

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