I tried Miller High Life's ice cream & it tastes like a DIVE BAR – there's alcohol plus 3 unexpected ingredients inside | The Sun

ICE cream and beer lovers can now enjoy the two treats at the same time after Miller High Life rolled out a unique offering.

The classic beer brand announced its new "Dive Bars" on Monday and they're full of surprising flavors.

In the wake of ice cream trends that have reached brand new heights, such as ketchup ice pops from French's and Grey Poupon's frozen dessert, Miller High Life has teamed up with adult ice cream brand Tipsy Scoop.

The partnership aims to create their best alcohol-infused ice cream from the "champagne of beers," Food & Wine writes.

The start of the process is infusing the beer itself into the dairy dessert.

Some of the flavor implementations are symbolic, like the inclusion of a "smoky tobacco flavor," and the caramel added to represent the feeling of a sticky dive bar floor.

Others are literal, like the inclusion of peanuts, to remind the pallet of the essential dive bar snack, the outlet notes.

Carbonated candies are shuffled into the mix, intended to mimic the fizziness beer lovers crave.

Maybe Willy Wonka himself would approve of the treat, assuming he loved a nice cold one once in a while.

The smooth, dark chocolate finish is meant to evoke the familiar wood and intimate lighting many dive bars share.

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The finished product boasts a 5percent ABV, as much as the beer itself.

On Tipsy Scoop, the bars are offered in a six-pack, just like their bottled counterpart.

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Those who don't want to take the $36 leap into the sweet, cold unknown can get their bars bodega style, a single bar available from the site for $6.

Tipsy Scoop also shows off three "Barlours" in NYC, a place where those with a sugar craving and a hankering for beer can chow down on the boozy dessert.

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