I tried out Greggs’ Primark clothing and was VERY surprised by the reaction – especially to those controversial Crocs | The Sun

EVER been munching on a delicious steak bake and thought: 'I need this on a T-shirt'?

Well fear not, for Greggs' new clothing range at Primark is back – and coming to a store near you.

In a limited run earlier this year, it proved so popular that there were queues around the block and in just three days shelves were bare.

Ahead of the full launch on August 5, The Sun decided to see what the fuss was about and take the eye-catching merch to the masses.

We went out in the cropped white hoodie, black shorts, bum bag and crocs and the basketball shorts and jersey complete with sliders.

Parading through the streets of London, the outfits were a surprising hit. Punterscouldn't help but stop and stare at our garb, with some even excitedly whipping out their cameras.

The tie-up between high street giant Primark and pastry gurus Greggs features 21 pieces, including crocs and boxer shorts.

The price list of the new collection starts from £8, with the Varsity Jacket proving the steepest at £25.

Other items in the range include bucket hats, body suits, and socks.

Our destination was the mega-store in Leicester Square, where staff were bowled over by our outfits.

Stunned fans walked passed with one shouting "oh my god" and another simply "wow".

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Karl said he'll buy some of the merch – just not the shortsCredit: Oliver Dixon
Philip wasn't impressed with the limited-edition Greggs crocsCredit: Oliver Dixon

Greggs store manager Katherine, 60, is counting down the hours until she can grab some of the new range for her grandson.

She said: "I think it's really good and people will buy it. I'll be going down to Primark on Friday to take a look at it when it launches.

"I think the crocs are great and I love the basketball outfit for younger people.

"I like the top, the shorts are good. I'd wear them and I'm an old woman. I think the bum bag is a bit odd.

"I like the crocs as well. They're great."

Considering it was 21 degrees, the fleece-lined cropped hoodie was a little bit too warm for the weather – but the sporty blue kit was perfect.

Karl Douglas loved the merch, but had some critiques.

He said: "I think it looks fab on you. Who wouldn't want to wear it?

"I like the slippers. They do need to get some trousers though, rather than just having shorts.

"The blue suit is great. I wouldn't wear something like it though. I mean look at me and my stomach.

"I'll be spending a couple of £20s on it when I can."

Price list

  • Black T-Shirt – £8.00Greggs Blue Logo T-Shirt – £8.00
  • White ‘Flakes Included’ T-Shirt – £8.00
  • Basketball Jersey – £10.00
  • Basketball Shorts – £12.00
  • Black Sweat Shorts – £12.00
  • Blue Logo Sweat Shorts – £12.00
  • Varsity Jacket – £25.00
  • White Hoodie – £16.00
  • White Cropped Hoodie – £12.00
  • White Mom Jersey Shorts – £8.00
  • Blue Logo Bodysuit – £8.00
  • Black Logo T-Shirt Dress – £10.00
  • Black Cycling Shorts – £8.00
  • Black Sliders – £8.00
  • Blue Clogs – £6.00
  • Blue Logo Bum Bag – £9.00
  • Blue Logo Bucket Hat – £8.00
  • Tote Bags – £5.00
  • Socks (pack of 5) – £8.00
  • Underpants (pack of 2) – £9.00

But Philip, 43, from North West London, wasn't quite as impressed as the others.

He said: "I might get the blue kit to work out in when I go skipping or something.

"But I wouldn't get the crocs. They're not as nice as the normal ones.

"I do love Greggs sausage rolls so I might buy some of the range."

Ollie, 25, and Helen, 22, from Surrey, were thrilled with our gear and both planned to buy some.

Helen said: "I love it. It's great. I'm a big fan of the sliders."

Ollie added: "I love it. I'll definitely buy some of the range. The bum bag is a winner for me."

Although no one we asked said they didn't like our gear, there was one woman who looked less than impressed at our tasty outfits.

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